Woodlands Market Hubbell & Hudson to Close

Photo courtesy Hubbell & Hudson
The gourmet market at Hubbell & Hudson will be closing in the next few months.
A beloved market in the Woodlands will soon leave residents without nearby access to dry-aged beef, farm-to-market produce and cooking classes -- at least until Whole Foods opens there in 2015.

Hubbell & Hudson market and cooking school will be closing, reported CultureMap's Eric Sandler, after rumors started swirling on Facebook over the weekend. Though the bistro and kitchen will remain open, Sander writes that the rest of the venture will be closed by March 12, if not sooner. An unnamed source provided CultureMap with documents proving the grocery store has lost millions since it opened, and consultants for the company did not believe it could compete with Whole Foods or nearby H-E-Bs.

Photo courtesy Hubbell & Hudson
Say bye to those great cooking classes, too.
According to CultureMap, the news was first reported by Kerry Stessel, administrator of the Facebook group The Woodlands/Spring area TX Foodie Club . Stessel, who owns Hot Line Pepper Products, found out about the closing after an employee informed him the most recent order for Stessel's hot sauce would be the market's last.

News has already reached the Hubbell & Hudson Facebook page, where commenters are expressing their shock and disappointment over the news that the market will be closing. In response, a representative for the company has written: "Sorry we failed your expectations -- please be patient, we'll make an official announcement soon. Meanwhile, please continue your support to our concept!"

Customers can continue their support by enrolling in some of the Viking cooking school's final cooking classes, though most are already full, and any scheduled after February have been cancelled. In place of the cooking school and market, the popular restaurant will expand and add a private dining area.

Shoppers in the Woodlands will now have to rely on nearby H-E-B, Randall's, Kroger, Trader Joe's and a few small specialty grocers until Whole Foods arrives next year. If you've been eyeing truffles or dry-aged meat at Hubbell & Hudson, now would be the time to get them.

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Hubbell & Hudson Bistro

24 Waterway Ave., The Woodlands, TX

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Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen

4526 Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands, TX

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"Real baby carrots.Does anyone know where else I can find them?"

Grow your own?

Nicholas Dion
Nicholas Dion

Dang. I don't live in the Woodlands but my parents do. It was a saving grace in a midst of no personality chain everything that floods the area. Damn shame.


This is a shame because I don't know where else to get baby carrots. Real baby carrots. The kind you see on plates at fancy restaurants, not the kind that come in a bag and which you eat with hummus. Does anyone know where else I can find them?

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