Where the Chefs Eat: Lance Fegen, Travis Lenig, Steve Marques, Eric Laird

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Photo courtesy of BRC Gastropub
BRC Gastropub's burger is one of Travis Lenig's go-to foods.

We're ringing in the new year with a return of our Where the Chefs Eat series. This week, the chefs from F.E.E.D. TX Restaurant group -- Liberty Kitchen, BRC Gastropub and the new Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette -- tell us where they like to eat around H-town.

Lance Fegen
Culinary Director/Owner, F.E.E.D. TX Restaurant Group

Photo courtesy of F.E.E.D TX Restaurant Group
Lance Fegen

Standard go-to: Steakhouse Bar at San Luis Hotel. I eat bone-in filet and a wedge every other weekend when my friends come to visit me in Gtown.
Cheap eats: Cafe Lili. Couple of times a month for fried cauliflower and kibbie and all of their cold salads.

Best-kept secret: My secret eat is running up to Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette just before closing and getting a huge bowl of our killer street-style Caribe/Mexi pepperpot soup. It's so deep in flavor and very hands-on where you add to your liking, like grilled lime, sliced jalapeño, avocado, fresh cilantro, sliced radishes and Fritos. Comforting and satisfying and like $8. Can't go wrong.

Travis Lenig
Executive Chef, Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

Photo courtesy of F.E.E.D TX Restaurant Group
Chef Travis Lenig

Standard go-to: Carrabba's at Voss or Kirby. I get the Chicken "Bryan" Texas, house salad or any of the pizzas when I can get a day off. I go to BRC Gastropub for the best burger in town.

Cheap eats: Andy's in the Heights is my go-to for cheap-eats enchiladas.

Late-night: I'm married and have a child, so I don't hit the late-night spots anymore. When I did -- before I got married and had a child -- it would have been Late Night Pie, and I'd order whatever I could mumble out of my mouth. That was my late-night spot back in the day, before it burned down.

Steve Marques
Executive Chef, BRC Gastropub

Photo courtesy of F.E.E.D TX Restaurant Group
Chef Steve Marques

Standard go-to: My go-to's are Mala Sichuan Bistro for the crispy and spicy pork intestines, four joy lion head and the ribs with crushed rice (available only on weekends). On Sundays it is all about Dim Sum King. I think their garlic tripe is one of the best tripe dishes I have had, and the egg custards are better than I can make.

Cheap-eats: For cheap eats it's hard to beat the $5 three-item plate at Viet Hoa. Rice or noodles with two items. Another option is Formosa Bistro for the pork leg. Very reasonable, and make sure you take a group. It's big. And of course there is always Nguyen Ngo for banh mi and a cafe sua da.

Hidden gems: My hidden gems are Polonia on Blalock for pączki, available only on Saturday. They are doughnuts of a sort filled with rose jelly. Also, behind Caninos is Taqueria Tacambaro for the mollejas (sweetbreads) tacos.

Eric Laird
Executive Chef, Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Photo courtesy of F.E.E.D TX Restaurant Group
Chef Eric Laird

Standard go-to: My standard go-to place is Los dos Amigos. I'll go up to four or five times a month. I'll order the menudo no pata carne con pappas, or the chilaquiles.

Other favorites: I really enjoy the buffalo wings at the Hideaway on Dunvale, and Jaime's boudin balls on Wednesday nights at Lola's in Montrose.

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Location Info

Liberty Kitchen

1050 Studewood St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

4224 San Felipe St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

BRC Gastropub

519 Shepherd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

San Luis Hotel

5222 Seawall Blvd., Galveston, TX

Category: General

Cafe Lili

5757 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Mala Sichuan Bistro

9348 Bellaire, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Dim Sum King

9160 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Viet Hoa Center

8300 W. Sam Houston Parkway, Houston, TX

Category: General

Carrabba's Italian Grill

3115 Kirby, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Andy's Home Cafe

1115 E. 11th St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Late Nite Pie

302 Tuam, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Polonia Restaurant

1780 Blalock, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Taqueria Tacambaro

2520 Airline Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Los Dos Amigos

5720 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

The Hideaway On Dunvale

3122 Dunvale, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Lola's Depot

2327 Grant, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Nguyen Ngo French Cafe

11210 Bellaire, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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I thought that Late Night Pie is no longer with us. Didn't it close due to fire in 2012.

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

@slumpville I spoke to Chef Travis to ask for clarification, and he has revised his answer so that it is more clear to the reader. He says that nowadays he doesn't go out at night anymore, but that Late Night Pie used to be his go-to spot before he had a family. Hope that clears things up, and thanks for reading!


@KaitlinS@slumpville Kaitlin, since you are new to Houston you get a pass but Late Night Pie was pizza, not actual pies haha

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