Warm Up With the Best Spots for Tea in Town

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Ditch those high-calorie coffee drinks and booze for some healthy tea in the new year.
Though winter officially began a while back, from now until February, the weather is just going to keep getting colder. There's a hard freeze in the forecast for Thursday night, and since the week isn't quite over, I don't recommend you warm yourself with a few too many hot toddies just yet. The solution: Tea.

If you're not a regular tea-drinker, you may not be aware that Houston has a wonderful selection of teahouses and tea purveyors, from the fancy British style (finger sandwiches included) to the hippie-dippy (complete with vegan pastries) and everything in between.

So next time you're feeling chilly, head to one of these eight places for a cup of something warm and soothing and, as always, calorie-free!

8. Serenitea Tea Room
Sugar Land is the perfect place for a tea room. Not 'cause Sugar Land is awash with tea drinkers, but the name is just spot-on because many people sweeten their tea with a little sugar. The tea room at Serenitea looks like how your grandmother might design a business, but don't be fooled. The owner, Archana Pyatt, really knows her stuff. Six days a week, she serves up breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea in an old-fashioned yet charming atmosphere. The breakfast menu includes scones, frittatas and blintzes, while lunch is all about salads and cute little sandwiches. There's also a great tea selection at super-reasonable prices. I recommend the special: four teas and two scones with lemon curd and clotted cream for only $12.95 per person.

Photo courtesy Crossroads Collection
Pretend you're sipping tea in the Secret Garden at Crossroads Collection in Spring.
7. Crossroads Collection
This little shop in old town Spring is more retail than restaurant, but the owners recently opened a Secret Garden-esque tea room to invite shoppers to sit for a spell. The rustic Victorian décor (complete with dollhouses and dainty fringed lamps) is ideal for private tea parties and baby showers; back in June, Crossroads Collection even held a royal baby shower for the soon-to-be-born Prince George. In addition to delightful finger food and a large selection of tea, Crossroads Collection sells everything you need to make tea, from brewing baskets to tea spoons to magazines for tea-devotees.

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Te' House of Tea

1927 Fairview, Houston, TX

Category: General

Kiran's Restaurant and Bar

4100 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen

2712 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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@KaitlinS Thia McKann passed away in late 2012. I believe Chris is now the primary owner of Path of Tea.


I thought that Pondicheri or Indika had a tea, but maybe I'm thinking of Kiran's.

KaitlinS topcommenter

@Tealover @KaitlinS Oh no, I didn't realize that! :( Thanks for telling me. I don't go there often, but the website makes it seem like she's still running the place. 

KaitlinS topcommenter

@Hauptstadt They might have tea as well, but I know Kiran's tea service is pretty awesome.

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