You Want This: Vietnamese Steak and Eggs at Blacksmith

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The Vietnamese Steak and Eggs is $15 at Blacksmith

There I was, on New Year's day, my plans for a fantastic brunch at Hugo's unexpectedly dashed at the last minute. Looking for a fast casual place for lunch, it looked like pretty much everything -- Eatsie Boys, Doshi House, Paulie's, Cafe TH -- was closed, until I came upon Blacksmith. Not only were they open, but they were serving food.

Surveying the chalkboard menu, I had planned on something light, like a sandwich, but was informed at the counter that the croissant sandwich I'd been contemplating was sold out. It was past noon, and I was quite hungry, and though it seemed to be more than I wanted, I took the plunge and ordered the Vietnamese Steak and Eggs.

I'm kind of a traditionalist where Asian food is concerned. I like things authentic. I like them real. I like my flavors strong. Though the Vietnamese Steak and Eggs at Blacksmith has been on the menu since the place opened, and though it was something I'd always wanted to try, I think that I'd subconsciously balked at ordering it because I knew that it wasn't real Vietnamese.

Erin Smith, the chef behind the menu at Blacksmith, had told me at the outset that David Buehrer, one of Blacksmith's owners and a huge proponent of Vietnamese cuisine, had wanted it on the menu, but that she wasn't going for authenticity. "I'm not Vietnamese; I'm not trying to be," she'd told me.

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Blacksmith Coffee Bar

1022 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

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