Officially Kind of Obsessed With Taco Bell's Grilled Stuft Nachos

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Photos by Christina Uticone
830 calories for $3.01. Now that's calorie-dense nutrition.
Before we talk about how the new Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nachos taste, let's all agree that the spelling is stupid and move on. I'd like to not move on -- cutesy, pointless misspelling is a pet peeve -- but the fact is, no matter how the thing is spelled, the Grilled Stuft Nacho is downright delicious. Like, I've gone back twice since eating my first one, because they are so tasty, satisfying and -- best of all -- so freaking cheap, about a buck-fifty apiece. Tack on an order of Cinnabon® Delights™ like I did, and the whole order comes to a whopping $3.01.

Whether I'm eating fast food or fancy food, I'm always happiest when something exceeds my expectations. Nachos are one of my favorite things to eat in the world (and, somewhat famously, the only thing I knew how to make until I was 30). I was sure that Taco Bell's tagline -- the claim that its Grilled Stuft variety are "everything [I] love about nachos, grilled up to go" -- would surely fail to meet my personal high bar. And I am delighted to be proven wrong in the end.

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Firstly i would like to say thank you for doing a review for the grilled stuft nacho. which by the time i read this it is already gone.. that it has been gone now for the last few weeks. so you know i am a Taco Bell employee.. so i do know what i'm talking about. yes they have a lot of carbs and such but oh so good..

Secondly you got the ingredients wrong in the grilled stuft nacho. just off by one thing but still.. 

10" tort (same tort used for burritos)

nacho cheese

seasoned ground beef (if stirred right not greasy)

red strips (if eaten right away they don't get soft on you)

a line of sour cream

and a "Z" of creamy jalapeno sauce (not to bad but a bite to it)

then folded tightly, without ripping which is hard with the red strips in it, in a "nacho" or a triangle shape grilled easy to go.. 

just thought i would say something about that... 

Lastly about the Cinnobon delights.. in my opinion i love them.. they are the shape of donut holes. on the inside is  the icing you usually find on top of a cinnamon bun.. then covered with cinnobon cinnamon sugar. which is different then the cinnamon that they use for other cinnamon products. like cinnamon twists, or the churro which is good as well.. from the look at the picture those where over cooked or where sitting for a while.. which in the store i work at never happens.. :) 

either way this is a great review on the good but no longer sold GRILLED STUFT NACHO. yes i agree "stuft" is the most annoying way to spell stuffed... but we don't make the names we just follow what we are told.. 

gossamersixteen topcommenter

Just what you need with nachos, more carbs and fat. Erm no thanks.


I am so glad you took the time to review this fast food item. I will be sampling after my next night out. So excited!!!

Mark Newman
Mark Newman

Had it. It was... nacho-y. Ground beef was greasy and the "cheese" was decidedly NOT cheese. I wasn't disappointed, but my expectations were quite low going in.

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