Recipe: 5-Ingredient Red Pepper Alfredo Sausage Tortellini Macaroni & Cheese

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Photo by Joanna O'Leary
My Tortellini Mac 'n' Cheese is ready for the oven.
Where would food pornography be without Pinterest? This venerable website has made curating your own personal collection of gustatory glamour shots socially acceptable, if not advisable. I thank God for you, Pinterest, especially a few Sundays ago when I discovered this board dedicated to the assembling noteworthy variations of macaroni and cheese. "Mac 'n' Cheese: it should be its own food group, right?," suggests board creator Michelle. Wise words indeed.

Perhaps the most exciting thing I learned from perusing this board is that macaroni and cheese can be made with tortellini. Given that different types of pasta (fusilli, rigatoni, etc.) can be used in the construction of standard macaroni and cheese, it's not terribly outlandish to extend this ability to stuffed pasta. Noodles filled with cheese dressed in more cheese: definitely takes your mac 'n' cheese to new heights.

After studying a few different recipes, I came up with my own variation.

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