H-E-B's 'Mix 'em-Match 'em Cookie Bar: Pricey But Good

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
H-E-B's mix-and-match cookie bar is pricey but worth it.

Up until recently I was unaware that some H-E-Bs had a "mix and match" cookie bar that offered more artisan treats, including some Italian baked goods that are usually hard to find in mainstream grocery stores. Note I did not describe this lack of awareness as blissful, because to be honest I'm pretty pissed off at myself that it took me more than a year to "discover" this option. I'm also mildly peeved that the cookie bar appears inconsistently among H-E-Bs; my West Alabama location, for example, lacks one.

The Buffalo Speedway location, however, does not lack a mix-and-match cookie. That is to say, they have one, and it is glorious. Yes, paying near $9 a pound for cookies may seem expensive, but it's not like you're going to buy and eat a whole pound. Wait, don't answer that.

Perhaps a more compelling reason to justify the price is that the cookies are well-made and sweetly sophisticated. (At least the ones I tried.)

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Take one of this, two of another.

As I am not a coffee drinker, I am not the world's best judge of biscotti, but the chocolate hazelnut and orange pecan varieties were enough to motivate me to enjoy a cup of joe just to have something in which to dunk them. I appreciated the crisp texture and mild cocoa taste of the former, while the latter impressed me with its juxtaposition of tart citrus and buttery nut notes.

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These look a lot better than the ones at Whole Foods' similar cookie bar.

Brandon Muzny
Brandon Muzny

I wonder how many kids touched all over them? Same goes for the doughnut stand.


They called me cookie as a kid. Ate so many. Once vomited on mom's hair from the backseat. Another time on dad's luggage headed to the airport.

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