Baker Spotlight: Drew Rogers, Owner of Drew's Pastry Place & Star on TLC's Bakery Boss

Photo by Molly Dunn
The cannoli cupcake is filled with the super-secret cannoli cream.

Not only did Valastro help Rogers create his own cupcake and redesign his bakery, but he also gave him several recipes, including a few new ones to be unveiled after the show airs.

"We are rolling one out that's called a Key Lime Bomb. And that's one that he gave me," Rogers says. "It's like a key lime pie but it's in a half-round, like a sphere, and then it has a crust on the bottom, a flat part, and it's got some Chantilly cream on top, and I don't like key lime pie, but I like that. And everybody that tried it the night of our re-launch went crazy over it and want to know where it is, but I wasn't going to roll it out until the episode."

Ask Rogers if he thought the Bakery Boss experience would have gone the way it did, and he'll tell you "absolutely not".

"I didn't think it was going to go this way because we butt heads a little bit and I think very highly of Buddy. He's a very smart guy, he's great at what he does, and I have always watched his shows and thought the world of him. So, for me to A) disagree with him and B) argue with him, kind of bummed me out after I thought about it, but in the long run it obviously came out the right way," Rogers says. "He was very nice to my family, very nice to me. He was really genuinely concerned about this place and really about my wife and I because it has been a struggle [and] it wasn't making it right like that. He really put his heart into this."

Now that Drew's Pastry Place has been remodeled, redesigned and re-energized to sell new products alongside the classics Rogers used to establish his business, the pastry chef is excited about the future of his Italian bakery in Vintage Park.

"I would love to expand somehow so I could offer more and there would be more seating. But, I don't know yet. I think I just got to get a grip after this airs and then go from there.

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Drew's Pastry Place

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We need a good Italian bakery inside the loop! Would be a lot of fun...cookies, pastries, cakes, tarts, a few light savories...good coffees, wines, and maybe obscure liquores. Would be a sunshiny spot that would awaken the senses!

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