Baker Spotlight: Angie Jackson, Cake Ball Designer and Owner of Angie's Cake

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Photo by Molly Dunn
Angie Jackson creates a variety of cake balls and sells them from her food truck.
The cake-ball hype took off just a couple of years ago, but Angie Jackson of Angie's Cake began her cake ball and pop business before anyone even knew what a cake ball was. In fact, the mecca for these bite-size sweets, a.k.a. Pinterest, hadn't been invented when Jackson made her first cake balls.

Jackson began baking and decorating the treats for friends as a side hobby a little more than five years ago. Friends, family and co-workers recognized her talent and requested her cake balls and pops for parties and holidays and when they wanted something sweet to eat. Her first attempt at making them, however, did not turn out quite as well as she had hoped and expected.

"I found a recipe for cake balls in the Chronicle, so I tried them and it was a disaster. I was like, 'I am never going to make these again,'" Jackson says. "The recipe tells you to use a whole container of icing, so I did, and it was just this big gloppy mess. So it was trial and error. They still tasted good, but I had to keep them in the freezer or else they would just be goopy. But that was fun, and Easter rolled around and my sister and I decided to make some cute little Easter egg ones and Easter bunnies. And after that, people started asking for those."

Photo by Molly Dunn
Angie Jackson bakes more than just cake balls and pops.
After working all day at her real estate marketing job and taking care of her family as soon as she got home, Jackson would begin baking and decorating cake balls, often working until 2 a.m. She then made the decision to quit her job and bake full time. Jackson and her husband bought a truck for Angie's Cake in 2009 to sell her products in the city at food parks and truck events. Two years later, she opened a storefront in League City to make production easier for larger orders. While her friends and family sometimes lend a helping hand in the kitchen, Jackson bakes, creates and decorates all of her sweet treats.

"We keep the front case well stocked with a variety of flavors. Most days [we have] a minimum of 14 different flavors. It is mostly the cake balls and the cake pops," she says. "We do a lot of custom work with them; we don't do full decorated cakes. We do other mini desserts; we brought out the Whoopie pies and stuff like that...the cake balls are the main focus. You can come in and get them anytime and we will have them, but the other stuff we usually just make and then post on Facebook and Twitter that we have it."

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