Dear Santa Claus, Please Send Me a Kegerator and a New Knife Set: Denizens of Houston's Culinary World Share Their Wish Lists

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
Santa loves Houston food!
It's that time of year! Children are writing Christmas wish lists and mailing them off to Santa at the North Pole, hoping that he'll deliver what they ask for come Christmas morning. Some of that magic goes away as you get older, but there's no reason we can't keep making wish lists for the holidays, sending them off into cyberspace and hoping the gods of the Internet deliver.

We asked some of the Houston culinary scene's movers and shakers what they wanted for the holidays this year (or Hanukkah next year, since it came so early in 2013) and received some great responses. Perhaps the list will inspire you. Or perhaps putting it out there will help them get what they really want. Hint: Very few of the wished-for items are foods.

Friends, family and Santa, we hope you're reading.

Photo from Kegerator
Kevin Strickland could sure use another Kegerator, Santa.
Kevin Strickland, chef/owner of Gratifi
"Another Kegerator so we can sell more of Houston's awesome craft beer on tap! And a refrigerated pastry case so I can make and display more desserts. I can't put down my rolling pin and measuring cups. I'm dying to make more stuff. Someone bring me Red Hot Candies, stat! I need them to make marshmallows to go with the Hot Chocolate with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey."

Dutch Small, organizer of Gastrodome Fare-A-Thon at FPHNYE
I want two matching outfits from American Apparel -- complete with headbands -- so that when I get on stage at FPHNYE, Girl Talk and I will match! EEEEP!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO DANCE WITH GIRL TALK ON STAGE!"

James Watkins, beverage director for Cordua Restaurants
"A Fox Knives Champagne sabre to celebrate the end of the hardest month in the industry. In general, December is hell, but top it off with a new restaurant? Brutal!" (Watkins is referring to the new Churrascos in Memorial City, which opened this month.)

Photo from Billy Reid
Tyler Horne wants this spiffy coat so he will stay warm in Paris.
Tyler Horne, market manager, Urban Harvest
"A Billy Reid bond peacoat (currently on backorder) for an upcoming trip where I'll spend two cold weeks in Paris. I don't own anything other than beat-up old jackets that I wear to work. I don't think my girlfriend wants to see me packing my insulated coveralls for this trip. Also, a Driver's Education weekend at the Texas World Speedway put on by the Lone Star Region Porsche Club, where a few of my buddies are instructors. They focus on making you a better driver. Everyone who drives a car in Houston could benefit from this type of training, plus you get to drive fast."

Brian Greene, president/CEO of Houston Food Bank
"A Congress where both sides of the aisle actually work together to solve problems."

Teresa Byrne-Dodge, editor/publisher, My Table magazine
"All I want for Christmas is to finish renovating and move into our new-old family home by this time next year. We've said, 'This is our last Thanksgiving at this house' for two years now. It's become embarrassing."

Photo by Rebecca Masson
Lucy, Rebecca Masson's foster dog, just wants a home for Christmas.
Rebecca Masson, chef/owner of Fluff Bake Bar
"I asked Santa for three things this year ... First, help make Fluff Bake Bar a reality. I promised him a lifetime supply of cookies for him and all his elves. Second, that Lucy, my Lucky Dog Rescue foster, finds a loving forever home. Last, maybe I could get a week off to go snowboarding. I miss the snow!"

Paula Murphy of Patterson & Murphy Public Relations
"A vintage typewriter for my growing collection, time to travel and a year full of great new burgers for me and the Burger Babes to try ... not necessarily in that order."

Minh Nguyen, chef/owner of Cafe TH
"More safe bike lanes and conscious drivers. And a new knife set."

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