Houston Presents: Top 10 Locally Produced Food and Drink Gifts

Photo by Ryan Levy
Some "Nice" wine for the holidays will garner you nothing but gratitude.

2. Three-Month Membership to The Nice Winery. A tidy box of premium wines, hand-selected by sommeliers and delivered monthly to your doorstep = the perfect present. Transform the standard gift into something truly nice with a three-month gift membership ($150) to the Nice Winery, Houston's premier wine boutique, owned and operated by certified sommeliers and Le Cordon Bleu-trained chefs Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld. To arrange an order, call Nice Winery or go to www.nicewines.com.

Photo by The Brownie Bowl
The contents of this jar will produce something extraordinary.

1. Fudge Brownie Mix In A Jar from The Brownie Bowl. Delayed gratification is remarkably underrated. Rather than foist off another plate of soon-to-be stale cookies now as a gift to your friends and family, give them the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous baked goods later (re: not during the December sweets glut) via this gourmet brownie mix in a jar. Thank you, Brownie Bowl, for understanding that our desire for delicious treats extends beyond the holiday season and, on a personal note, for providing me with the means to indulge in your confections at a time of my choosing, which will probably be 10 p.m. on a January weeknight after spin class.

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