This Week in Food Blogs: Thanksgiving Recaps, a Look at Foodgasm and Christmas Recipes Galore

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Who doesn't want to wake up to cinnamon rolls during the Christmas season?
Urban Swank: The ladies at Urban Swank attended the Southern Star Beer Dinner at Fusion Taco with Southern Star Brewing Company and feasted on five courses with beer-taco pairings. They loved the wonton shell taco with tuna tartare and avocado paired with the Grisette, as well as the barbecue pork tacos with the Valkyrie Double IPA. But of all the beers they sampled, the Buried Hatchet Stout was their favorite -- it was served with toffee pudding and pistachio ice cream.

The Pioneer Woman: Thanksgiving was a week later this year than it normally is, so that means Christmas will be here before we know it. Ree Drummond will be sharing Christmas recipes between now and the holiday, and her first post includes her favorite Christmas treats, among them cinnamon rolls, spicy molasses cookies, chocolate truffles with sea salt, Brandy snaps and marshmallow pops. Get to baking!

Houston Food Truck Reviews: Foodgasm is a new addition to the Houston food truck scene. David Sarkozi visited the food truck at Karbach Brewing Company on Black Friday. He mentions seeing lots of tasty-looking double burgers and onion rings being served to customers. He took a different route, however, and ordered the catfish and shrimp for $11, as well as the wings and waffles for $10. The huge catfish and shrimp were both coated in a spicy cornmeal breading, leaving them crispy. The cinnamon- and sugar-dusted waffle with syrup and four spicy wings (basically chicken and waffles), served with a side of syrup for dipping, was also a delightful treat.

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