The Top 5 Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

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There's no rule that you MUST have a traditional wedding cake.
Say good-bye to the traditional white wedding cake decorated with flowers, piped frosting and other simple, elegant designs. It seems more and more brides and grooms are opting for other dessert options and forgoing the cake. I recently attended a wedding at which the couple elected to have apple pie with vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell, of course). I love it when people express their personality through the food they decide to serve at weddings.

Even though some may say it is strange or unorthodox to not have a wedding cake, times are changing, and brides and grooms are seeking personalized substitutes for the classic layered fondant white wedding cake.

Here are five cake alternatives gaining popularity among couples today.

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Serve a variety of cake flavors with beautifully decorated cake pops.
5. Cake Pops

Cupcakes at weddings are so two years ago. The new trend is cake pops -- bite-size balls of cake and frosting covered in colorful icing, decorated with piped designs or drizzles of melted chocolate, and placed on a stick. The bride and groom can still feed each other a bite (it just won't be as messy), and guests get to enjoy a variety of pop flavors. For those looking for a way to make their cake display "pop," this wedding cake alternative is the ticket.

4. Macarons/Cookies

After speaking with Michael Savino of Michael's Cookie Jar, I realized that cookies are viable alternatives to wedding cakes. Savino creates the cookie tower, which is made with nearly 800 cookies. While it is an Italian tradition to have a pile of cookies at a wedding, this method of stacking cookies into a tower makes it classy, sophisticated and sweet. But you don't have to stick with American cookies; beautifully colored French macarons can also be stacked in a tiered formation to create a tree. The macarons can be made in the wedding colors, or each layer can be a different color to make a bright, gorgeous display. If you prefer cookies over cake, there's no reason you shouldn't have your choice dessert on your big day.

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so happy to see the croquembouche included. that's what we did for our wedding and it was fabulous.

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