Ten Most Anticipated Restaurants (We Hope) Coming to Houston in 2014

Photo courtesy Killen's BBQ
If these ribs from Killen's don't make you drool, you're not alive.
8. Killen's BBQ
Perhaps one of the most anticipated openings of 2014 is Ronnie Killen's new barbecue restaurant. Killen has been holding pop-ups since the summer, and Houstonians have fallen in love with his juicy brisket, smoky ribs and spicy sausage. The brick and mortar spot in Pearland is making headway, according to photos on the restaurant's Facebook page, but until it's open, expect Killen to be outside, rain or shine, slinging brisket to hungry folks who've driven 30 minutes or more just for some meat. It's that good.

9. Kuu
Last May, former Blue Fish and Sushi Raku chef Adison Lee announced his plans to open Kuu in Memorial City in the fall. The restaurant was supposed to open in the same development as Vallone's Steakhouse and the new Churrasco's a couple of months ago, but the debut date has been pushed to January. Kuu will differ from other Japanese restaurants in town by offering upscale tapas instead of tasting menus. Lee recently told Eater that "kuu" means both "the art of eating and something that's delicious and tasty."

10. Ramen Tatsu-Ya
This one is a big ol' maybe, but that doesn't mean we're anticipating it any less. For months, rumors have circulated that the restaurant that made ramen hip in Austin has plans to expand to our fair city. Back in June, we reported "an inside industry source states Ramen Tatsu-ya chefs/owners Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya "Tako" Matsumoto have been negotiating a lease for their first Houston location at 11138 Westheimer at Wilcrest." Clearly, we haven't seen any new moves to make Ramen Tatsu-Ya a reality, but we're not abandoning the idea until we get a definitive "no" from on high. We'd rather start the new year with happy dreams of ramen anyway.

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1100 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

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904 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX

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Funky Chicken

181 Height Blvd, Houston, TX

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Coltivare Pizza & Garden

3320 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX

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Down House

1801 Yale, Houston, TX

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D&T Drive Inn

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texmex01 topcommenter

In N Out Burger


I know Killen is on the list for BBQ, but is his steakhouse collaboration with Ricky Craig still on? If so I'd have it on this list as well.

Craig Wilkins
Craig Wilkins

Green Vegetarian Cuisine is coming in 2014. Get pumped, comfort food loving plant munchers.

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