New Twists on the Feast of the Seven Fishes

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A bowl of ceviche with tons of fresh herbs and vegetables is perfectly festive for the holiday.
Instead of Seafood Salad: Ceviche

Add a little Mexican flair to the classic Italian seafood salad with a lime-and-chile-dressed ceviche. The best part is that the salad works with so many types of seafood.

Try this recipe, with tilapia, chopped tomato and cucumber; this Peruvian variety, made with sweet potatoes, corn and flounder; or this classic scallop ceviche, loaded with bay scallops and avocado.

Instead of Baked Clams: Miso Clam Chowder

Littleneck clams are taken to a new level in this thick and creamy miso-infused clam broth. The salty, earthy and slightly sweet flavor of the miso balances perfectly with the buttery and rich chowder. The result is decadence in a bowl.

Get the recipe here.

Instead of Marinated Anchovies: Boquerón (White Anchovy) Crostini

Creamy, briny and rich, this hard-boiled-egg-and-white-anchovy-topped crostini is the absolute perfect bite.

To make it, slice a loaf of crusty Italian bread, brush with olive oil and grill until the bread is toasted and charred in spots.

Then spread the tops of the bread with a mixture of mayonnaise, chopped fresh parsley, Dijon and paprika, and top with sliced hard-boiled egg and fresh white anchovy filets.

Instead of Cioppino: Seafood Gumbo

Bring this Italian seafood stew to the South with a spicy and bold seafood gumbo. Just like a cioppino, gumbo can be filled with any variety of fish and shellfish. Try this recipe, made with shrimp and crab; or this loaded version that tacks on white fish and oysters, as well.

Merry Christmas Eve, indeed!

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WestSideBob topcommenter

I'll take conebaby's "NO" on making the fritter > baccala switch, but that recipe does make the fritters look like a great party appetizer for almost any occasion.

conebaby topcommenter

I LOVE SEVEN FISHES. But baccala can't be replaced, even with a fritter. <3 baccala. My cousin Johnny makes it the best. Try to convince my husband to do seven fishes every year but it's too much work, even for him.

MadMac topcommenter

This reads like a family effort with no slackers. The article is so well written I'd love to try it--and I don't even like seafood. My Mrs. would LOVE this.



I really wanted to get into the Dec 22 special Venetian dinner at Da Marco, but it's sold out and this is a close second....

MadMac topcommenter

Thanks, on the tip-side. I doubt we'll make it this year but maybe next year.

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