Margarita Afternoon: Goro & Gun Crafts a Masterpiece

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Photos by John Kiely
Two kinds of tequila make this house margarita a premium one.

It was a bland, gray Thursday afternoon downtown, leaves rather than tumbleweed blowing through streets, emptied by the oncoming holiday. I was heading to El Big Bad, a promising new margarita cantina from the look of it, but the bar was temporarily shut for the afternoon as it fine-tuned for a hard opening.

Instead, I slipped into the nearby Goro & Gun Izakaya, to get a take on this classic drink from a bar that's not margarita-driven. The lunch crowd had cleared out, and the space was a welcome refuge from the shopping chaos I'd been fighting for the past few weeks.

I sat down at the bar, next to a pair of out-of-town TV producers who were upset about the vagaries of their programming schedule. At least I assumed they were from California, as they were speaking in a manner reminiscent of 1980s Valley Girls. The two seemed indecisive with the Happy Hour menu, but that was only because the list is complex and fascinating, and the bartender patiently and expertly answered all of their questions.

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Goro & Gun - CLOSED

306 Main St., Houston, TX

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Kylejack topcommenter

Trying the margarita at every bar in Downtown Houston has been a hobby of mine, and Goro definitely makes my favorite. They're running a great bar program over there, and they have excellent staff, Alex and Mutulu included.

Eating Our Words: The Houston Press Food Blog
Eating Our Words: The Houston Press Food Blog

I think all the cocktails at Goro & Gun are pretty great. Alex Gregg, the bar manager, really knows his stuff. You should try the Southside there sometime! And if you haven't had a Falliday cocktail, those are pretty awesome too!

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