Happy Holidays!: What Happened When We Searched for "Sexy Christmas Food"

The task was simple: Go to a stock image website and find some holiday food photos for a "Happy Holidays from Eating Our Words" post. The problem is that searching stock image sites is so utterly boring. After a few minutes of searching in vain for an image that spoke to us, a lightbulb went off in our brains.

We typed "sexy Christmas food" and clicked enter. We're real mature, you see.

When it comes to "sexy Christmas food," the most popular item by far is the candy cane. We can't say we were too surprised by this finding. What did surprise us was just how many images of women and candy canes existed. If this journalism thing doesn't pan out, we're totally moving to the world of stock image photography; we think we could have a lot of fun with the world of [person] + [item] + [action].

Enjoy the photos, including the utterly bizarre one of the only image we could find of a guy listed under "sexy Christmas food." You're welcome.




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