Chef Chat Part 2: Restaurant Cinq's German Mosquera Talks Land, Art and Working a Grill

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Photo by Mai Pham
German Mosquera is a vegan, but he cooks some mean meat and seafood. And he has a way with vegetables as well.

This is the second part of a two-part Chef Chat with German Mosquera of Restaurant Cinq. You can read Part 1 here.

EOW: How old are you?

GM: I turned 28 this year.

EOW: Tell me about your background.

GM: So, I was born in New York, grew up in New Orleans, and half of my high school life was in South Texas. It was always math- and science-based. When I graduated from high school, I was actually going to the Air Force academy because I was going to swim, but my grandmother passed away that summer, and I didn't go to training, so I ended up going to University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, and I was swimming there and doing physics and engineering there for two and a half years. At that point, I was going through some artistic changes, touching back on some of my childhood art. So I did some painting for a while. I had an art show.

EOW: What kind of painting?

GM: I did surrealistic impressionist. Anyway, I left that phase. I was originally working as a lifeguard, but I needed another job, so I went downtown to the River Walk [in San Antonio] and ended up getting a job as a dishwasher.

EOW: For which restaurant?

GM: Dick's Last Resort.

EOW: Did you go from restaurant to restaurant, or did you just get a job at the first restaurant you walked into?

GM: That was the first place that I went to. We knew they were always hiring at the River Walk.

EOW: So you were a painter and a dishwasher at the same time.

GM: Yeah. And coming out of school. So, I washed dishes for eight or nine months.

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Good piece! He seems like a good guy, I just wish he had a place that could give him more exposure than Colombe d'Or; it's a lovely place but a veritable ghost town in the dining room.

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