100 Favorite Dishes 2013: No. 63, Bánh Mì at Les Givral's Sandwich & Cafe

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The chargrilled pork and paté variety is sweet and smoky.
To make a great bánh mì, a restaurant must have great bread, and Les Givral's, once a bakery in Paris and Saigon, certainly does. It has a thin, crispy crust and a soft inside that soaks up the juice from the meat, cucumber and sauces.

The veggies are also an important component, though they differ slightly from place to place. Some restaurants pickle carrots to sprinkle on top, while others add onions or shredded daikon. Les Givral's keeps it simple: carrots, cucumber, half a fresh jalapeño and a whole heckuva lot of cilantro.

Les Givral's offers about a dozen different protein options on the bánh mì, which is why this favorite dish is described simply as bánh mì. I couldn't pick just one favorite. Arguably the best options come from the pig, though, as the cooks at Les Givral's know their way around some pork.

The thit nuong paté is loaded with chargrilled pork -- a Vietnamese specialty -- and a bit of paté, which adds a creamy element to the spicy, crunchy sandwich. The thit (roast pork) is also delicious, but more nuanced and more photogenic. The bright pink edges of the roasted pork -- served cold, as opposed to the warm chargrilled pork -- make for a beautiful contrast against the green and orange vegetables.

So, sorry, folks. I cannot pick just one. And you don't have to, either. At $2.50 each, these sandwiches are so cheap, you can afford to eat two. Or five. I won't judge.

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Givral's Sandwich & Cafe

2704 Milam St., Houston, TX

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gossamersixteen topcommenter

Oh yay; now I'll get to stand in line behind even more delta bravos from the burbs. Lovely..


Note: this location is not the same as the one on Washington, which tends to be subpar, even though it's the same family.

Even better than this though is Cali sandwich.

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