Wendy's Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche Is a Delicious Mouthful (in More Ways than One)

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Photos by Christina Uticone
Mushroom magic? Maybe.
In spite of the incredibly stupid commercial for Wendy's Bacon Portabella Melt on a Brioche bun (see above), the actual sandwich itself proved to be irresistible. And even though I wasn't impressed by Wendy's efforts in the pretzel bun department, I found the idea of sweet brioche, smoky bacon, and earthy mushroom (never mind the burger) too tempting. Even the NPR report on the dangers of trans fats that was on the radio while I waited in the drive-thru line couldn't deter me -- I would have my "Melty. Bacony. Mushroomy. Brioche-y" burger if it killed me.*

(*According to NPR, it will.)

Opting for just the sandwich, rather than the meal -- 'cause it's healthy! -- I was a little suspicious upon opening the take-out box. The burger in the ads is pretty oozy, but my burger looked neat and tidy. I lifted up the top bun to find a satisfactorily melted mess, thanks to a double dose of cheese -- American slices, and a melted cheddar sauce -- as well as some impressive-looking bacon. In fact, the whole sandwich was really visually appealing, with a glossy golden bun and a meaty (for fast food) hamburger patty. Could this Portabella Mushroom Melt (on Brioche!) possibly be delicious?

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gossamersixteen topcommenter

Didn't sound bad until I saw the amount of sodium, good grief..


Calm down! OMG they found people to work a job with minimal requirements for a minimal amount of money. What a travesty! What's next Champion of Labor? Bullying in schools?

Linda Rogers Weiss
Linda Rogers Weiss

I really enjoyed this article. Society is changing. Fast food is what some people live on. It sounds like Wendy's is trying to make it more interesting. There are times that I just want a McDonalds plain old hamburger. If there was a Krystal or White Castle here, I am afraid that I would be there wayyyy to often. I don't do Steak and Shake anymore. Their food has changed, and not for the better. Thanks for the article. Very good.

Judi Hurwitt
Judi Hurwitt

Why are you still covering fast food? Leave aside for a moment the corpratizing of food when you have so many other local, fresh, chef-driven restaurants in the city to cover. Have you checked the pay scale lately for fast food employees? Giving these corporations free advertising while they underpay their own employees is revolting.


@Judi Hurwitt How much should they pay a position that doesn't even require a high school diploma? Get real.

Bruce_Are topcommenter

@Judi Hurwitt  

I agree about underpaying employees, but what chef-driven restaurant will allow me to get a hamburger and be back at my desk in 10 minutes for $5?

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