Sneak Peek: Vallone's, a New Addition to the Tony Vallone Empire, Sets December 1 Opening

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Photos by Kaitlin Steinberg
The downstairs dining room at Vallone's is warm and festive, with candles and bulbs illuminating the space.
"Imagine how many proposals are going to happen here," a friend said to me as we surveyed the crowd filling the freshly painted and carpeted dining room at Vallone's. "And how many anniversaries and promotion celebrations and birthday parties and first dates. That's what's so exciting about a new restaurant -- imagining all of the life that's going to happen here."

It's certainly not difficult to picture momentous events taking place at Tony Vallone's newest restaurant. It's a lovely space with a mix of traditional and modern aesthetics, and, based on reaction of the crowd that showed up for last night's preview party and fundraiser for Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, people are fond of the low lighting, comfy leather booths and large fireplaces that anchor the space.

The upstairs dining room overlooks Gessner, which sparkles at night.
There are essentially three dining rooms: a bistro area with a casual feel, a downstairs dining area with booths and large wooden tables, and an upstairs space with a balcony overlooking Gessner Road. This time of year, the holiday lights running up and down the street outside provide a stunning view from the floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor.

The fire features in the bistro (pictured) and the main dining room provide heat and soft light, and they are stylish as well. The fire motif is carried throughout the space, with candles flickering in nooks and light bulbs with gold filaments burning over the bar.

The most interesting feature of the new restaurant, though, is the 30-foot wine tower that encloses a glass elevator on three sides. Bottles are stacked all the way to the top, and servers will be able to access them using ladders. it's an interesting way to showcase the restaurant's massive Italian wine collection as diners travel to the second floor.

For the fundraiser/preview event, the kitchen served up hundreds of bite-sized appetizers, including crab cake balls dotted with mustard, crispy falafel, tiny pieces of fried chicken on tiny biscuits, and divine ravioli in a buttery sage sauce. A full meal was also served, which allowed chef Grant Gordon to show off his steak skills. In addition to royal longbone rib eye and tenderloin, there were Chilean sea bass, whipped potatoes, mini lobster rolls and green bean casserole so good it might convince naysayers like meto reexamine the classic dish.

The great glass elevator surrounded by wine (and a little cart with candles, in keeping with the theme).
Vallone's will have a soft opening on Friday and Saturday before celebrating a grand opening on Sunday. You can make reservations and be one of the first to eat at the much-anticipated restaurant now on Open Table.

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800 Gessner, Houston, TX

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Vallone is basically batting .500 with ventures away from his flagship Tony's. Ciao Bello is doing so-so in the Galleria area; Caffe Bello and Los Tonyos bit the dust rather abruptly after opening. A steakhouse in CityCentre isn't the most daring of expansions, but I think the old maestro might pull it off, at least for a while. If not, he can sell it to Fertitta and be out, calling the offer "too good to be true" like the last one.


Won't be around after a few months. "Chilean Sea Bass" is a dead giveaway for pretencious menus. Wines that are marked up four times their worth. Houston has left Vallone way behind. 


Looks lovely. I hope they have better luck than their last casual Italian venture in Montrose, not to mention their foray into Mexican food a while back.

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