Pi Pizza Truck Offers Free Pizza for Life, But You'll Have to Get a New Tattoo This Weekend

Photo by Francisco Montes
Show your love for Pi Pizza with some new ink.
"In my head, pizza and tattoos kind of go together."

Looking at Anthony Calleo, the owner and chef at Pi Pizza Truck, it's clear he's not kidding. He has colorful tattoo sleeves on both arms, and lord knows where else he has been inked. And he also loves pizza. He started Pi Pizza Truck two years ago and was initially shocked and humbled by the outpouring of love he received for his top-notch pizza.

"That first year being open was so challenging," Calleo says. "That we made it a year was such a big deal to me. It was really very humbling to me that people were so into what we were doing and being a part of helping me make my dream come true. I wanted to think of a way to say thanks and give back to people who are really supportive of us."

And that's where the tattoos come in.

Photo by Francisco Montes
Gabriel Massey designed the truck, and he designed your new pizza tattoo, too.
Last November, in celebration of Pi Pizza Truck's one-year anniversary, Calleo offered customers a special deal: Get one of the specially designed Pi Pizza images tattooed somewhere on your body and, in turn, get one slice of free pizza a day, for life.

"I was really worried that no one would do it, and I'd feel like a jackass," Calleo says. "Like when you throw a party and no one shows up."

Much to his surprise, 22 people got Pi Pizza Truck-themed tattoos (including one of our own freelancers), and as soon as the promotion was over, people started asking when round two would happen.

Well, folks, it's this weekend.

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Every time I see someone with a tattoo I think "There's someone with no brains."

gossamersixteen topcommenter

The only reason we'd ever think you're a jackass, is when we call and we get that snotty answering machine message instead of an actual human being when we'd really like to order a pizza from you and give you our money.. But since that's obviously not important to you it's a moot point.

Bruce_Are topcommenter

Can I get the tattoo on my butt? I figured I'd put a "p" on one cheek and an "i" on the other one. So one I bend over it spells poi.  

That's an old joke but I repackaged it.

Van Vo
Van Vo

This made me remember the stuff I love but had to hold off on haha. Tattoos and trying new food all over the city.

Giovanna Pineda
Giovanna Pineda

Haha I've never eaten there but I know you like random tattoos so I thought I'd suggest it to you lol

Van Vo
Van Vo

I just looked it up. It's expensive for a slice of pizza so I guess the tat would be a good investment if you really like eating there hahaha!

Van Vo
Van Vo

Loll! That's pretty cool...... And the tats are nice too.

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