Late-Night Fire Shutters House of Pies; No Injuries Reported

Photos by Kaitlin Steinberg
The fire was limited to the roof area at the Kirby House of Pies.
A fire broke out at the popular and beloved House of Pies on Kirby last night around 10:45 as the result of an electrical fire that started in the ceiling.

According to Khaled Khalaf, whose family has owned the eatery since 1992, there were about 70 or 80 customers in the building when the fire started. The cooks and diners smelled smoke, and shortly thereafter someone came in and notified management that smoke was coming out of the roof.

The fire department was able to contain the blaze by 11 p.m. and has tentatively called it an accidental electrical fire, though they're still investigating the exact cause.

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
Workers were still cleaning up debris this morning at 7:30.
As we were there reporting, patrons were showing up to see the damage for themselves and lamenting that the 24-hour neighborhood restaurant, which has been open since 1967, was temporarily shuttered. Many said they've been coming to House of Pies for years, and it's one of their favorite places for breakfast, late-night eats and any meal in between.

"We'll reopen as soon as possible," Khalaf said. "Most of the damage is on the outside. it's an easy fix. It's just the roof."

Manager Greg Smith added that House of Pies will definitely be open by Thanksgiving, so people need not worry about getting their holiday pies.

They're going to have to start from scratch, though, as I witnessed them discarding all the pies that were in the case at the time of the fire.

"There was too much smoke in here," Khalaf said. "We have to throw them out."

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The owners expect House of Pies to reopen "as soon as possible."
Khalaf also noted that while the damage looks bad on the inside, the debris on the floor is mainly from the fire department trying to get to the source of the fire. He expects to have it cleaned up soon and will then move on to the roof repairs.

I'm personally saddened by this news because, as you may have read, House of Pies is my go-to late-night spot, and I've made friends with some of the employees and regulars. Khalaf has said he'll let me know as soon as they reopen, and we'll pass the info along to you. On that glorious day, we shall all meet at House of Pies and celebrate with a slice of Bayou Goo.

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T.j. Dubz
T.j. Dubz

I'm not happy House of Pies burned down because apparently it's a pretty beloved local institution and lots of people are pretty bummed about it. That said, NEVER LIKED THE PLACE!

Casey Buhrer
Casey Buhrer

So happy they'll be able to repair the damage. One of my favorite places.

Deborah Kuypers
Deborah Kuypers

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Kristin DeJonghe Gibbs
Kristin DeJonghe Gibbs

Man, that is crazy! Maybe they will get a refurb out of it? And I heard that the Galaga was toast. Sorry Karin Whigam. It probably committed suicide from the last butt kickin you got. Hee hee!

Karin Sibille Whigam
Karin Sibille Whigam

I hope the Galaga machine didn't burn! Julie McClung Neymeyer....and Thank God there's another location until Kirby is rebuilt.

Mark Parker
Mark Parker

It is amazing how many people I know from different walks of life, socioeconomic brackets, and so forth, have been posting this and fretting about the future of the place. Just a sign of how much an institution House of Pies is.

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