Hubbell & Hudson Wants to Cater Your Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Photo by Molly Dunn
Hubbell & Hudson offers all the classic dishes in its Thanksgiving catering menu.
It's not too early to start planning your Thanksgiving dinner, and if you are not going to cook everything yourself this year, restaurants and grocery stores around Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods can help you serve a traditional, comforting meal -- you don't have to cook in your home to have a "home-cooked" meal.

Hubbell & Hudson Market & Bistro offers a classic Thanksgiving catering menu crafted by Executive Chef Austin Simmons. On Saturday, November 9, the specialty grocery store set up stations for food and wine samplings from the holiday catering menu, proving it was a viable option for families this Thanksgiving.

Whether you're having a large party or are enjoying a Turkey Day dinner for two, Hubbell & Hudson has options for you.

Photo by Molly Dunn
During the tasting, customers enjoyed small-plate versions of a complete Thanksgiving dinner.
Simmons has a variety of side dishes to complement the protein choices: a Howard Kauffman (Ho-Ka) Turkey Farms roasted turkey, Nueske's bone-in, spiral cut ham, or prime rib.

During the tasting event, Hubbell employees served samplings of a classic Thanksgiving dinner with crumbled cornbread dressing, whipped sweet potatoes, green bean almondine, cranberry sauce and roasted turkey with sherry turkey gravy, as well as a small scoop of buttery pumpkin cranberry croissant bread pudding. This meal combination (with pumpkin or pecan pie instead of bread pudding) was a small-plate version of the Ho-Ka House-Roasted Turkey Dinner available for $229 to serve six or eight people, or $99 for two people.

The samplings of each item on the complete turkey dinner menu were scrumptious, comforting and exactly what you want on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

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