Baker Spotlight: Kit Seay, Amanda Bates Spread (Mother and Daughter) Joy Through Tiny Pies

Photo courtesy of Amanda Bates
Mother-daughter team Kit Seay and Amanda Bates love working side-by-side in their business, Tiny Pies.
Who says a pie has to be large? Why can't a pie be handheld or even bite-size? Mother and daughter duo Kit Seay and Amanda Bates decided to make a business around smaller, personal pies, hence the name, Tiny Pies. But the idea didn't come from either of them.

"My grandson suggested that we make tiny pies so that they would go into his lunch better when he goes to school," Seay says. "He loves pies, and he would take slices of pie and they would be messy, or he would forget to bring the plastic container home, so his suggestion was, 'Why don't you make tiny pies?' and we thought that that was a pretty good suggestion."

Seay and Bates are based out of Austin, but sell their wares throughout the state at Central Market and several specialty grocery stores, such as Revival Market in Houston. Their products are also available by phone or online. The pair have also expanded Tiny Pies into catering, weddings and corporate gift giving. And it has been only three years since the two began selling their pies to the public at local farmers' markets in Austin.

Photo by Jody Horton Photography
This blueberry bliss pie may be tiny, but it is bursting with flavor.
"We came out with the original tiny pie, which is the three-inch handheld pie, and that's all we sold for quite some time," Bates says. "We started in January, and the flavors we took were apple, pecan -- it was seasonal flavors during that time, but we had a pretty limited assortment...we did the markets for about eight or nine months and at the end of that time, we were up to doing five markets a week, and at the very end of doing the market, we started doing more of an assortment of pies."

Aside from the original "tiny pies," the mother and daughter created pie pops, (two or three bites of pie on a stick), Mason jar pies (half-pint Mason jars containing five ounces of pie), teeny-tiny pies (pies the size of a quarter), and not-so-tiny pies (traditional-size pies). The original handheld pies are baked in muffin tins and come in a variety of flavors, including sweet potato pecan, apple cranberry, strawberry rhubarb, s'mores and chocolate brownie.

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