Houstonians, Rejoice! New Food Truck Parks Set to Open

Photo from My Food Park HTX
It's about damn time, Houston. About damn time.
Food truck parks are popping up around Houston! Finally, people all over the city can start enjoying our great mobile kitchens as much as the lucky folks inside the Loop do.

Our first food truck park, Houston Food Park, opened in EaDo in June, and the place is so popular that it already has more than twice as many Facebook fans as Eating...Our Words (not that we're bitter or anything).

In its wake, two new food truck parks are set to open soon: My Food Park HTX, which will have a soft opening on October 14, and Mangum Food Park, which is scheduled to open on October 19. The former is located west of Beltway 8 in the Energy Corridor, while the latter will be on Mangum Road by the intersection of 610 and 290.

You know what this means...fusion tacos for everybody!

We caught up with the folks in charge of the new parks to find out more about their plans.

Photo from My Food Park HTX
Relax and pull up a chair at My Food Park HTX.
"I'm sitting in a lawn chair under a tree on the property right now," said Liz Hale, mastermind behind My Food Park HTX when we reached her by phone. "I'm sitting here and my husband is mowing the entire three acres with a push mower!"

Don't assume Hale hasn't been laboring hard, too, though. My Food Park HTX has been in the works for months. Hale lives in the Energy Corridor, and as both a food truck owner (Zeapod Cakery) and a food truck lover, she often lamented how difficult it was for people living or working there or in Katy to make it to Montrose or downtown, where the trucks tend to hang out. Then her husband happened across the property at 800 Highway 6 South, and she knew it was meant to be.

Hale says the park is currently about 99 percent ready to begin operations. Though the grand opening is scheduled for November 2, popular demand has led Hale to schedule a soft opening for Monday, October 14.

She says she hopes to have two to five trucks at the park daily, but anticipates that Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be busier. The park will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the soft opening, and 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. during the grand opening and most days thereafter.

Parking is available on-site (but absolutely NOT next door), and, in keeping with the park feel, there are picnic tables and big wooden spools that will serve as tables scattered around the area. For now, the park is BYOB, but there are two stand-up bars that will eventually sell alcohol once the park is granted a liquor license. When that happens, Hale says, her husband has his heart set on opening a small tiki bar. The duo is also hoping to find some musicians to come out and play at both the soft opening and the grand opening.

At Monday's soft opening, the park will welcome five savory trucks, including Bernie's Burger Bus, Churrasco To Go and Yummy'z Kitchen, and at least one dessert truck, namely, Hale's own Zeapod Cakery.

And what's better than eating at a food park? Eating at a food park for a good cause! Monday's soft opening will be held in conjunction with the Houston Zombie Walk benefitting the Houston SPCA. Eating with the undead for homeless animals. Heck. Yes.

Check out the next page for info on Mangum Food Park!

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Houston Food Park

1504 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

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Zeapod Cakery

, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Bernie's Burger Bus

, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Houston SPCA

900 Portway, Houston, TX

Category: General

Angie's Cake

, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Good Morning I have Driven by My Food Park HTX it is a really nice looking place :)


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Bruce_Are topcommenter

I've lost my enthusiasm for food trucks. They strike me as pseudo-gourmet food at gourmet prices served in disposable packaging.  For some reason they always fail to meet my expectations--I suppose my expectations are too high.  Lately I've tried Bernie's and Coreano's and found them both to be ok but not worth the money.


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Stop trying to make EaDo happen.


@Bruce_Are The prices can be pretty high for what you get. Some are even more expensive that straight up restaurants, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

KaitlinS topcommenter

@Bruce_Are I end up at food trucks all the time for lunch cause they're quick and easy. I just encountered The Lunch Bag (Cajun food) and Bare Bowls Kitchen (rice bowls, salads and sandwiches) and I definitely recommend both of those if you can track them down!

WestSideBob topcommenter

@KaitlinS @Bruce_Are Can't find them on twitter.  Do they use "The Lunch Bag" or something else ?

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