Top 10 Pumpkin Seed Recipes: Don't Waste Any Part of Your Jack-O-Lantern!

Photo by Dana Moos
Pumpkin-seed brittle makes a wonderful holiday gift.

7. Brittle

It's definitely not too early to start making confections and candies. Pumpkin seeds can easily be sweetened when used to make candy. With nothing but butter, brown sugar, honey and pumpkin seeds, you can make an incredible crunchy brittle, such as this recipe from Martha Stewart. Boil the brown sugar with the honey until it reaches 280 degrees on a candy thermometer, then stir in the pumpkin seeds and cook until the mixture reaches 300 degrees. Pour it onto a baking sheet to cool, then break into pieces and enjoy.

6. Hummus

Try this recipe from Half Baked Harvest: Coat pumpkin seeds with olive oil, paprika and chili powder, along with salt and pepper, then roast in a 350-degree oven for approximately 15 minutes. Add the roasted pumpkin seeds, along with roasted garlic and cannellini beans, to a food processor, just as you did with the butter, then pulse/purée for about two or three minutes. Slowly pour olive oil into the food processor as you purée the seeds and beans. Season with spices to taste, and voila! You have hummus.

5. Guacamole

Add a crunchy component to your guacamole by incorporating pumpkin seeds. This vegan blog recommends toasting the seeds prior to mixing them into the guacamole to bring out the natural flavors of the pepitas. Mix your guacamole just as normally would -- avocado, lime juice, cilantro, salt, tomatoes -- then toss in a few tablespoons of toasted pumpkin seeds for a nutty, seasonal guacamole. The extra component also makes for a beautiful presentation.

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