This Week in Food Blogs: Thank You, Houston -- and the Czechs -- for Kolaches

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Houston has some of the best kolaches in America. Perhaps the world.
NYT: The New York Times featured Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera of Revival Market and their sweet and savory kolaches. We sure do love kolaches in Houston, especially ones from an inventive baker like Pera, who creates them with satsuma oranges, strawberries and ricotta cheese, and sausages poached in local beer. The article also mentions other Houston kolache restaurants, such as Kolache Factory, Kolache Mama and Christy's Donuts.

Houston Food Truck Reviews: While we just this week ranked our top 10 burgers in Houston, David Sarkozi and his wife headed to Gastro Punk to split the truck's namesake burger, the Gastro Punk Burger, which has two grilled-cheese sandwiches as its bun. Smart decision on their part to split it. The two cheese sandwiches encase a buffalo meat patty, wild boar bacon, caramelized onions, and tamarind barbecue and rémoulade sauces. It's no wonder the couple tells future eaters of this behemoth of a burger that they should expect to get messy.

Living on Love and Leftovers: Because there's no such thing as too much coverage of kolaches, Brooke and Greg show us how to use leftover kolaches to make Czech-ish French Toast. Brooke slices the sausage and cheese kolaches into half-inch pieces, then dips them in an egg, milk, salt, sugar, cayenne pepper and nutmeg mixture and cooks them just like French toast. Whether you're looking for something else to do with kolaches, or just have a hankering for an indulgent midnight treat, these suckers sound like the perfect craving fix. Don't forget to drench them in maple syrup.

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Kolache Factory

10535 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

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Christy's Donuts

1103 W. Gray, Houston, TX

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The New York Times article was another example of when a restaurant flak becomes a source for what is happening in a city's food scene.  The Revival Market guys did not put a spin on the kolache that had not been done before but it is the most attractive, trendiest store to sell them in Houston.  They are certainly not the best kolaches in Houston.  Far superior to the Revival Market is The Original Kolache Shop on Telephone, the Kolache Shop on Richmond across from Costco, Christie's and even the Kolache Factory.  None of those places probably employ a flak to get their name out there though and aren't run by rugged wanna-be food hipsters who are all tatted up and do not have enough sense to offer sandwiches made of their own variety of cured meats.  Perhaps I just do not get Revival Market but I cannot understand why they produce a case of meats that they cure to use to make sandwiches and then do not offer those meats in the sandwiches they have on the menu.  Or at least they didn't a year ago.  I stopped going there because I thought they must be some of the dumbest people around.  In my book if you produce meats to make sandwiches with, have homemade condiments to put on sandwiches, have premium bread to make sandwiches, have a staff to make sandwiches, then you make sandwiches with any of the meats the customer may want to try as a sandwich before committing a kings ransom to paying for a pound to take home.    


I want the new pulled pork kolaches from Shipleys!


@attyrose31 if only you had any idea about which you write. We're all entitled to opinions, but your complete lack of knowledge on who these guys are... enjoy what you do like, and stick with what you know when you want to comment. 


@tee-wee @attyrose31 You are right, they must not be too dumb because they have convinced people to pay far more than their products are worth so they must know something but creating an interesting menu of sandwiches certainly isn't one of them.  I suggest they visit Local in the Village or Tiny Boxwood on W. Alabama and they might learn something.  It might be that customers like the sandwiches at Revival even more because there is more variety and you don't have to sit and wonder what a home cured meat or pate sandwich would taste like if only they would make you one because you could actually taste it there.  


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