Provisions Elevates the Caesar Salad

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
This is not your father's Caesar salad, and that's a good thing.

Most of the time, remaking a classic can feel gimmicky and overcomplicated. There are times, though, when each twist and tweak can feel revolutionary.

And this is the case with Provisions' take on the classic Caesar salad; not only is it revolutionary, it's extraordinary.

Served as a wedge, an entire heart of ultra-crisp romaine sits plumply in the center of the white plate. On it lies a blanket of textures and flavors, each different element peeking out through the wedge's nooks and crannies.

First, the sprinkling of crisp, dehydrated bread crumbs and garlic add a buttery, spicy and peppery crunch. Next, wisps of freshly grated Parmesan bring a bite of nuttiness and saltiness, while the slivers of white anchovy practically melt in your mouth, each forkful dancing with the mild flavors of the sea. You won't find a more surprising dish in all of Houston.

It's definitely rich, but if there's one thing the chefs at Provisions know, it's balance; ultra-thin slices of pickled lemon and caper berries are scattered throughout, brightening the dish and providing just the right touch of acid.

Light, fresh, salty, lemony, garlicky and cheesy, the dish has all the classic flavors of a Caesar salad, but each and every one of them is elevated into something much better, resulting in a salad "experience" that you'll be thinking about long after the plate is empty. Large enough to share, it's the ideal way to start what is sure to be an incredible meal.

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807 Taft, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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That looks so good.  How much $?  The kale caesar at Sparrow is great as well, you should check it out!


@FRL713 $13 but so worth it. and i've split it with up to 4 people, def will have try out the kale version!

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

@brookeviggiano @FRL713 Is this the type of course you could have a main course, or is it either too rich or not filling enough to make it an entree.

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