Reed's Kombucha Drinks Are Perfect for Your Hangover, and Even Better If You Like Ginger

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A daily dose of Reed's Kombucha would probably help me keep calm and carry on.

Although kombucha has been trendy for years, I had yet to try it until a few weeks ago. I was rather skeptical (as many have been) of the supposed health benefits, and at $3-$4 a bottle, it's not inexpensive. When I learned that Reed's (purveyor of one of my favorite ginger ales) had inaugurated its own "Culture Club" and was now offering a whole line of flavored kombuchas, I was slightly more amenable to at least sampling a bottle.

Actually, I sampled many bottles, buoyed by my surprise love of the first flavor I tried, Goji Ginger. Now I understand why people get hooked on the stuff.

First, I should say kombucha has a unique, if not acquired, taste because of the fermentation. Because I am a fan of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar drinks, which have a similar acidic flavor, I was probably predisposed to like kombucha at first sip. Others may require multiple swigs to find it (eventually) appetizing.

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87.5% of the flavors of Reed's Kombucha are excellent.

What is interesting and rather appealing to me about Reed's kombucha is that it's not a beverage you want to guzzle. Now, obviously, other drinks (e.g., strong cocktails) also fall into this category, but there's something about the carbonation (small, frequent bubbles) and the layered flavors that makes the kombucha-imbibing experience feel medicinal. Soothing, definitely; sacred, almost.

And, indeed, despite the lack of consensus among doctors and scientists as to whether kombucha has significant positive effects on physical health, I will say from my personal -- albeit limited -- experience that this drink is FREAKIN' WONDERFUL if you've 1) had one too many drinks, 2) eaten too much greasy food or 3) both of the above.

In other words, it's the perfect late Saturday night/early Sunday morning beverage.

I liked all the flavors I tried in the Reed's kombucha line. Most involve ginger, which I'm admittedly partial to, and all are light on the sweetness, which means a 13-ounce bottle will set you back only 75 calories or so. My favorite varieties were the punchy pomegranate ginger and the tart hibiscus grapefruit. The only loser of the bunch was the coconut water lime, which lacked any discernible citrus flavor.

Reed's kombucha could potentially be a once-every-other-day ritual for me, especially since it's easy to be satisfied with meting out one bottle in two servings. To be honest, I probably spend as much weekly on varieties of juice, iced tea and sparkling water, most of which are more expensive than they are healthful. Furthermore, if the kombucha market continues to be competitive, maybe Reed's will begin offering discounted six-packs.

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The Soda Jerks
The Soda Jerks

I need to get my hands on this for review. Great article!


The only product I known to PREVENT hangovers is Alcotox. I never drink without it simply because it works for me.


Very poor taste in article for Houston Press, who obviously doesn't support LOCAL companies. I am amazed by the force who actually allowed this article to be published.

We have one of the most strongest and best Kombucha companies right under our nose, KICKIN KOMBUCHA and yet the PRESS decides to rep another company not even from Houston? I am puzzled.

"KICKIN KOMBUCHA" It's a force here in Houston, and not to mention the whole Texas Region.

Very poor support shown for our Houston local companies. GET LOCAL PRESS.. #SLGT

paval topcommenter

As someone who believes in food with a low carbon foot print, one of the reasons of local food purveying, great and controllable quality being the other, I am taken aback by an article on Reed's kombucha in HoustonPress, without having seen one about our Houston's own "Kickin Kombucha" in the Press yet. Not that Reed's is not a good kombucha, but "Kickin Kombucha" is the strongest and most real tasting Kombucha on the market, and not the mainstream watered and sugared down versions that are all the rave right now. 

I reckon that in a mission of good journalism it would have been nice to at least get a mention of our local kombucha champion, so people that actually want the real stuff know that they can actually get it right here in H-town. Mention made


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