Max's Wine Dive Serves Up Swagger and Special Chicken-Fried...Lobster?

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Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
The state fair is proof that you can fry anything. This is proof that it works.
It may seem antithetical to pair something generally expensive and highbrow like lobster with a Southern classic like chicken-fried steak or chicken.

But there it was, plate after plate of chicken-fried lobster with home fries and collard greens sailing past me on the upturned palms of servers to tables throughout Max's Wine Dive during brunch. When my waiter arrived and asked what I'd be eating, I just pointed.

"That," I said, gesturing to the shiny red tail beneath a mound of fried pinkish meat on the table next to me. "I want that."

"Good choice," he replied. "That's what all the rappers are getting."

Come again now? I followed his eyes down the length of the restaurant, and sure enough, there was Slim Thug at a table and Bun B at the counter.

"Oh yeah," my waiter said when he saw the surprise on my face. "They brunch here all the time. And they got the lobster, too."

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Max's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

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H Newcomb
H Newcomb

Since you posted this, I've seen a commercial by Joe's Crab Shack promoting 'Southern fried lobster'. The ones shown, though, look like they're cutting tail meat into nugget sized pieces.


Sometimes the kids at Max's are a little here.


Fearing's been doing this for years.

KaitlinS topcommenter

@specktaker Good to know, I'll have to check it out! 

...but does Fearing's have rappers eating brunch there on the regular?

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