UPDATE: Local Food Truck Owner Shot and Killed During Attempted Robbery

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Photo from Google Maps
Lorenzo Juan Vasquez was shot and killed outside of this gas station in north Houston on October 12.
UPDATE: During the press conference today regarding the shooting death of 53-year-old taco truck owner Lorenzo Juan Vasquez, police revealed new details about the case.

Police confirmed that the suspects attempted to rob the taco truck but did not get away with any money or other items.

In an effort to prevent this sort of incident from happening again, Sheriff Adrian Garcia announced the creation of the Harris County Sheriff's Office Mobile Food Vendors on Patrol Program, which encourages food truck workers to be vigilant and serve as the "eyes and ears" of the police on the streets of Houston.

Police also released composite sketches of the two suspects, pictured below.

Images from the Harris County Sheriff's Office
If you see either of these two men, please notify the police.

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Mark Lubel
Mark Lubel

What a tragedy for this family. Prayers sent your way and you are in my heart tonight.

Erica Murphey
Erica Murphey

Poor guy. I hope they catch those jerks soon.

Susan Fehrman Garcia
Susan Fehrman Garcia

This side of town is getting bad however Jersey Village Police and Pct 4 Constables do hold it down pretty good. That is so terrible and right there in the afternoon.

Jonathan Escobedo
Jonathan Escobedo

Could it be a possiblity maybe the Local Food Truck owner was in other buisiness?


@Jonathan Escobedo

He did have "other business"... my uncle owned his own pool cleaning company. He was a hard worker and held it down for his family. I understand that the statement "appears to have a criminal record from 2002" may have prompted you to pose that question, but I'd like to clarify that he was not into anything illegal as you may be suggesting.  

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