Something Delicious and New Has Joined My Slider Trio at Little Big's

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Little Big's has added little hot dogs to the menu.
Last time I stopped by Little Big's, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the slider joint had a new(ish) addition to the menu: hot dog sliders. When did this happen? Apparently earlier this year.

But you wouldn't know unless you stopped in, as the restaurant hasn't updated its Web site or Facebook account since it added pulled pork and black bean sliders back in 2010. Well, now we all know.

So on to the sliders.

Photo by Brooke Viggiano
Hot dog, chicken, and beef sliders ... before I smothered them in sriracha mayo.
The half-sized Nathan's dogs are so adorable in their little slider buns. Sure, it's exactly like eating half of a Nathan's hot dog inside half of your basic hot dog bun, but somehow, the miniature version makes it much more fun. You can get one for $2.31, but you're best off making a mix-and-match slider trio for $6.24. And for an additional $.23 (I love these prices), you can add chili and cheese to your dog.

I went for shredded cheese only because I had grand plans to load up at their condiment station. The unlimited access to chef Bryan Caswell's famous sriracha rémoulade -- first made famous at his classic Gulf seafood restaurant, Reef -- is what really sets this hot dog apart from something I'd make at home. I added that and some jalapeños for good measure. And I can say with confidence that that was a good idea, since the end result was a crunchy, creamy and fiery few bites.

I appreciate the hot dog addition to my usual slider trio of pulled pork, spicy chicken and beef. This time, I skipped the slaw-topped, slow-roasted pork and enjoyed my hot dog with two other sriracha-smothered companions -- the crispy chicken and beef sliders.

Photo by Carla Soriano
Ending your meal with a Little Big's milkshake is a must.
The hand-breaded chicken sliders are slightly spicy, with a little crunch from the chicken itself and even more from the pile of crisp, tangy pickles that come with. I added shredded lettuce from the bar and savored each of my three mouthfuls.

As for the mini burger, I don't think I'll ever not include it in my trio, as the sweet, jam-like caramelized onions and freshly ground, boldly seasoned beef are the perfect companion to Little Big's housemade buns (and to the sriracha mayo, did I mention the sriracha mayo?).

Double-fried, fresh-cut fries and an open-air patio with picnic tables only add to the slider experience. As does what is probably my favorite chocolate milkshake in town. Little Big's, you've done it again.

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WestSideBob topcommenter

A great place to stop for lunch especially  when the weather's pretty.

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