Here's the Food for Your Perfect Halloween Party

Photo by Amee Livingston
A scary squash barfing some sort of tasty dip gets everyone in the mood.

If your first reaction to this post is "Whoa! It is way too early to be thinking of Halloween," then 1) you are not my friend, 2) stop reading and 3) be grateful my editor at the Houston Press prevented me from publishing it in August, which is approximately when I started planning my Halloween festivities. Yes, indeed, I do love Halloween that much. It is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons, but mostly because it centers around chocolate, ghosts, pumpkins and the color orange. This October, I'm happy to guide you in planning your own All Hallow's Eve celebrations. Here, seven spooky foodstuffs I recommend having at your bash:

7. Ghostly Pretzel Sticks. There are many recipes for this treat on the interwebs, but all exploit that delicious medley of salt, starch and cocoa that is the chocolate-covered pretzel. Ghostly pretzel sticks are not only amusing treats for kids' parties, but they also can serve as stirrers for Halloween highballs at adult fêtes.

Photo by Alice Currah

6. Candy Corn Cupcakes. Visually impressive yet shockingly easy to make, candy corn cupcakes double as decoration and dessert. Plus, the garnish provides a great opportunity to get rid of some extra candy corn (turns out you didn't devour those three bags you bought at CVS).

Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Candy Corn Cupcakes are easy to make, and they look great.

5. Mummy Meatloaf. One of the more inventive Halloween entrées I've seen in a long time, Mummy Meatloaf solves the problem of what to serve that's more "substantial" at an evening Halloween party by combining ground hamburger, thick pasta noodles, cheese and cream of mushroom soup. Like some ketchup with your meatloaf? Perfect: Now you have a bloody mummy loaf.

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