Hobby Center Lawsuit Has Put Artista in Hot Water

We contacted the Hobby Center, whose president, Fran MacFarren, gave us the following statement:

"At this time it is business as usual. Artista is open and serving lunch and dinner. The lawsuit simply asks the court for a declaration of the parties' rights under the lease. Although litigation is never a first choice, we are thankful that the courts can provide clarity on this business matter."

If this all seems a little skewed toward the Hobby Center, that's because the lawsuit, available to the public online, comes from them, and the Cordúas have yet to release a statement.

We contacted executive chef David Cordúa, of Cordúa Restaurants, who was unable to provide a comment. He had previously spoken to CultureMap, though, telling that publication that the group was working on a response to the lawsuit. He also said that he's "looking forward to the next 10 [years at the Hobby Center]."

It's an unfortunate situation for both parties, but probably more so for Artista. The Hobby Center will still be a popular venue without the restaurant, but a restaurant cannot operate without a space. A source told us she dined at Artista recently and found it largely empty, which is unusual for the generally popular dining destination.

Hopefully the issues will be resolved quickly so we can all continue to dine on buffalo churrasco and tres leches cake before watching Lizzie Borden chop her parents to bits while belting out a rock ballad.

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Thanks for explaining this more clearly. I read the sensationalist piece about this on CultureMap and came away with zero insight. This was more helpful in explaining what's at issue.

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