CRAVE Cupcakes Wants to Help You Spread Holiday Cheer With New Shipping Service

Photo by Molly Dunn
Share these sweet holiday-themed cupcakes with loved ones by using CRAVE's new shipping service.
It might be a tad bit early to start planning holiday gifts, but CRAVE Cupcakes begs to differ. The local cupcakery will now ship its creations to areas within 450 miles of Houston. That means you can share the cupcakes with friends and family in New Orleans, Little Rock and Abilene. The shipping service doesn't begin until after December 1, but you can start placing orders now to make sure out-of-town relatives get the opportunity to taste CRAVE's creations.

Elizabeth Harrison, co-owner of CRAVE, hopes to reach more customers outside of the Houston area with the new service.

"Because of our guests' repeated requests to have our cupcakes shipped, we've worked hard to get just the right product packaged just the right way, without compromising what makes CRAVE cupcakes special," Harrison says in a press release.

We agree it's kind of strange to see cupcakes with fondant Santa Claus, Rudolph and snowmen toppers at the beginning of October, but come Christmas season these treats will be perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

Photos by Molly Dunn
CRAVE creations (from top left): Santa Claus strawberry cupcake; CRAVE's flavor reference sheet; snowman dark-chocolate cupcake and Rudolph red velvet cupcake.

CRAVE plans to offer a selection of boxes for customers to pre-order, including a Handcrafted Holiday Box that contains a dozen holiday-themed decorated cupcakes. The box includes four strawberry cupcakes topped with homemade Santa Claus toppers, four red-velvet cupcakes with Rudolph toppers, and four dark-chocolate cupcakes with snowmen toppers.

CRAVE also offers a "Birthday for Her" box containing 12 cupcakes -- three of each of the following: vanilla, dark chocolate, chocolate on vanilla, and red velvet. All of the cupcakes are decorated with hot-pink birthday toppers. Another gift idea is the "Birthday for Him" box, which also contains 12 cupcakes (four vanilla, four dark chocolate and four red velvet, all decorated with light-blue birthday toppers.) In addition, CRAVE is selling a gift box that includes an assortment of daily cupcake varieties.

The holiday-themed box costs $80, and the other cupcake boxes sell for $60.

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