Baker Spotlight: Belen Bailey, Sweets by Belen

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Photo by Molly Dunn
Belen Bailey never learned how to cook or bake in a professional setting -- everything she learned came from her mother and grandmother.
You don't have to graduate from a culinary institute to be a successful baker. Belen Bailey, owner and baker of Sweets by Belen, proves that a love for a mother's sweets and treats, combined with a passion for baking, is more than enough to make a name for yourself in the Houston culinary world.

As a child, Bailey lived in Peru, and became accustomed to having sweets or desserts with just about every single meal.

"I started baking because back in Peru, my mom and my grandma always had some kind of treat -- something sweet, at home," Bailey says. "In Peru, the people have the main dish and then soup, but in my house it was the main dish and dessert. So, when I moved to Louisiana, I started looking for something sweet. After a while, I was missing my mom and my grandma's sweets."

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Green Leaf Marketing
Green Leaf Marketing

We enjoyed the Baker Spotlight and it's great seeing our client Sweets by Belen! :)

Belen Bailey
Belen Bailey

Millions of thanks to Molly Dunn for such a nice writeup of my business.

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