Italy in Rice Village: A First Look at Fellini Caffè

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The Fellini Caffè way: minimal design, maximum taste.

Salvatore Albelice stopped by my table, bringing complimentary biscotti, and inquired about the cappuccino. He told me how happy he was to bring a piece of Italy to Houston, and said that even the caffè's chef was from the Old World (he had recently arrived from Sicily). Observing Abelice as he greets patrons is a study in delightful service.

The sandwiches and pastries, too, are reasonably priced. I couldn't resist a cannoli. I have found that it is hard to find a good cannoli in Houston, but not anymore. I'll be back often, because Fellini is the only way I can get to Italy by car.

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I love all coffee especially real Italian coffee auguri


Hopefully their service improves.  After waiting 10 minutes for my 2 cappuccini, I had to remind them that I was still waiting. 

 If it took that long in a bar (coffee shop) in Italy, where service is efficient and quick,  they'd be hung upside down from the Hanover Rice latter day Mussolini's!

del.martinis topcommenter

Finally a place I can take my Italian mother to!


@Florida63 They are 8" rounds with toppings, and nothing like American pizza.  In fact, they may be a form of panini. Whether they're served warm or cold, I know not, but they look delicious either way.


@iKiely @Florida63 

"Nothing like American pizza". Enough said. Will have to check out if food lives up to standard set by your coffee review. Thanks.

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