Ten Easy and Healthy Before-School Meals

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Cinnamon, raisins, butter and bread; that's all you need to make this breakfast.
The first meal of the day for kids is the most important meal of the day, but it is hard to whip together a nutritious breakfast for your kids when they are running out the door to catch the bus or drive to school. So you resort to just cereal, a granola bar, something from the drive-through or nothing at all.

But making a nutritious breakfast that will jump-start your child's day and send him or her out the door feeling full, energized and ready for a day at school is not as hard as it seems. Sometimes the most simple meals are the best ones. Here are ten easy and nutritious breakfast recipes you can make the night before or the next morning for your kids. They are full of flavor, simple to make and better than anything you'll get from a drive-through.

10. Cinnamon Toast

Making this sweet toast is so simple and uses only three or four ingredients. Toast two slices of whole wheat bread, then once the bread is hot and toasted, spread each slice with about two teaspoons of butter and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar (or Splenda) on top. Add a few raisins to the bread, or slices of banana to incorporate a healthy fruit. Your kids can easily eat this on the go or quickly at the kitchen table. Serve with a glass of milk for extra nutrients.

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No blender? No problem. Make this smoothie by simply shaking the crap out of it.
9. Fruit Smoothies

If you have the time to chop and slice fruit, by all means do that, but if you're rushing in the morning, there are several prepackaged smoothie options that only require adding orange juice, apple juice or milk to mix in a blender. Jamba Juice, Yoplait and Dole all sell frozen fruit for smoothies. Dole also has smoothie shakers, where all you have to do is add the juice to the fill line and shake the bottle until the frozen fruit and yogurt pieces break apart to create a smoothie -- no blender needed. If your kid eats his or her breakfast on the go, this is a perfect morning option.

8. Breakfast Cookies

Make these the night before for a super-easy on-the-go breakfast that's packed with nutrients. Use oatmeal, dried fruit, nuts and seeds to make a high-energy breakfast cookie. Send your kid to school with a thermos of cold milk or a small milk carton to make a complete and healthy morning meal.

7. Scrambled Eggs in a Mug

Use Egg Beaters to quickly make scrambled eggs in a coffee mug rather than wasting time cracking eggs and cooking them over the stove. Simply spray the inside of a coffee mug with cooking spray, pour about half a cup or three quarters of a cup into the mug, and microwave for a minute and a half. Sprinkle some cheese, diced tomato, chopped veggies or cooked sausage, or leave it as it is and cook for another minute. Sprinkle with salt and pepper just before serving.

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Rindy Curtis
Rindy Curtis

Lots of processed crap and high in sugar.

Buddy Englett
Buddy Englett

Cool recipes, but I'm not so sure about the health benefits of french toast.

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