Openings & Closings: Bye Bye Burger Guys, Hello Cloud 10 Creamery

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Even though it began with two surprising closing announcements, the rest of the week has been pretty slow.

The Burger Guys announced that its downtown location has closed after being open for only one year. Owner Jake Mazzu and Chef Brandon Fisch told CultureMap that they didn't believe in cursed locations until now -- this building has housed four restaurants in seven years, according to Mazzu. He says that the high price of the burgers and the team's inability to serve neighboring office buildings contributed to the problems leading to the location's closure. Fortunately, the original location on Westheimer remains open.

Perhaps there is also a curse on Washington Avenue. Last week Hollister Grill on Washington shut its doors after being open for just six months. Now, Solea, which is on Shepherd near Washington, has announced that it is closing so the owners can rebrand the restaurant. Solea opened 14 months ago offering small plates meant to be shared, wine and live music. According to the Facebook announcement, the owners plan to change every aspect of the restaurant, including the name, but have said nothing specific about their plans.

Breath a sigh of relief, because Little Bitty Burger Barn is NOT closing, despite the Craigslist ad stating that it was for sale. The owners told Eater they decided to stay where they are in Oak Forest. To make things even better, the burger dive is offering free quarter-pound burgers between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. today.

Fellini Caffe officially opened on September 26, as noted by B4-U-Eat's weekly newsletter. The restaurant kicked things off with a happy hour.

Photo from Torchy's Tacos Facebook
Enjoy more tacos from Torchy's at the chain's new Heights location.

Torchy's Tacos also opened on September 26. The new Heights location opened at 7 a.m. and offered free breakfast tacos throughout the morning. (If only the breakfast tacos were free every morning.)

Campo Azul Mexican Restaurant in Dickinson closed a while ago, but the family has re-opened the restaurant in Pasadena. B4-U-Eat mentions that the newly established restaurant has also added breakfast to its menu.

Eater reported that Cloud 10 Creamery had a soft opening in Rice Village on September 22, so the ice cream company finally has a brick-and-mortar location. Since the 22nd, Cloud 10 Creamery has been open for limited hours in the evening to serve a variety of classic and new flavors, including chamomile, dulce de leche and black-sesame milk chocolate.

We reported last week that Tacos A Go-Go would take over the current La Fendee location to open a third taco restaurant, but according to Eater the deal is not set in stone. Tacos A Go-Go owner Jeff Roeske posted a statement on Facebook to clear up any confusion. He says nothing has been made official.

Photo from Noodles & Company Facebook
It really doesn't get any better than a big warm bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Noodles & Companyopens its first Houston-area location in The Woodlands on Monday, September 30. The starch-heavy restaurant serves just about any and every type of noodle -- hearty bowls of mac & cheese, penne pasta with spicy tomato cream sauce and classic Pad Thai.

Did we miss any openings or closings? Let us know in the comments section and we will be sure to include them in next week's report.

Location Info

The Burger Guys - CLOSED

706 Main St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Hollister Grill - CLOSED

5555 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Solea - CLOSED

1500 Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Little Bitty Burger Barn

5503 Pinemont Drive, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Fellini Caffe

5211 Kelvin Drive, Houston, TX

Category: General

Torchy's Tacos

350 W. 19th St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Tacos A Go-Go

3704 Main St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

La Fendee Mediterranean Grill - CLOSED

1402 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Jim Rassinier
Jim Rassinier

Cloud 10 has to be the dumbest name I've heard in a while.

Becci Himes
Becci Himes

Surprisingly is an adverb, not an adjective, yes? Love you guys but gee whiz.


Is it bad that I'm happy about the Burger Guys location closing?  I live near the one on westheimer and the quality has taken a nosedive since the new one opened.  

I guess it's because the owners spent all their time trying to get the one downtown to work.  Now that experiment is done, these guys just need to get back to basics and pump out those ridiculously good burgers, fries (duckfat fries duck yeah!) and shakes (salted caramel).  

The last time I went, the fries were soggy, shake was poorly-blended and the burger was soggy with grease.  I think the reason for this was none of the regulars were working (they'd all gone downtown).  Hopefully the Burger Guys get back to being Burger Guys and refocus on the food.  They make POTENTIALLY the best burgers in town.  LIVE UP TO YOUR BURGER POTENTIAL, YOU WAX-WINGED BURGER DEMIGODS!


Been to Pho LN.  Pretty good - perhaps worth a future review.  Very attentive service which does not always occur in that category.

The weekday lunch crowd downtown is very budget conscious and that worked against Burger Guys.  Note, that's why there's a Subway on every block downtown.


I would have gone to the Downtown location of The Burger Guys but they weren't open on weekends or late. I practically live downtown but I don't work there, so I was never able to go. With all the folks living DT now, I would think the area could sustain some restaurants that will open on weekend days. I go to the movies DT almost every weekend and I'm always looking for a place to try. Also, some place to go on my way home from work. Lots of fancy places to go, but not a lot of casual places. 

Chris Glazier
Chris Glazier

I wonder if it has anything to do with the HP cramming THEIR idea of the "best eats" in town every week. It has everyone running in circles trying to keep up with "what's hot" instead of supporting what may actually be something great that WE would like to see stay around for a while.


* Chuan's Chinese Restaurant opened last weekend at 5901 Westheimer. It's a chain restaurant from China and the first to open in the US.

* American Deli opened Wednesday, September 25th, at 12647 Bissonnet. ( )

*  Pho LN Sushi Bar & Grill had its grand opening last week. The restaurant is located at 8408 Katy Freeway.

* Hughes Hanger announced on its Facebook page yesterday, the opening of another concept: The De Gaulle.

* Pink Pizza's new location in Bellaire (5225 Bellaire Blvd.) opens today.

* Lulu Blues: A Creperie is a new food truck, which will begin service today at River Oaks Beauty Spa. They'll have a grand opening tomorrow at Liberty Station, where the first 10 customers can eat for free.

* Revolver: Sub-BOURBON Social, a bar and grill in the Willowbrook area (17776 State Highway 249), is set to open soon. Master Chef contestant, James Nelson, announced via Facebook that he's consulting with the bar on the menu.

* The Dosa Factory opens Monday.

* Local ramen enthusiast, Carl Rosa (of the website and Facebook group, Ramen in Common), wrote about the first forthcoming dedicated ramen restaurant in Houston, Ramen Jin  - located at 18111 Westheimer within the Market at Westchase Shopping Center.

CultureMap did their own follow-up with more details.


@RebeccaS You're right, I live downtown at Commerce Towers, The Burger Guys were walking distance, but never open at a time I could go, since I work in Stafford.  Too bad, I bet the burgers were good.


@Chic_Chick_Eats I believe the location for Ramen Jin is incorrect.  My office building is across the parking lot from the Westchase Markets, and the address is more than likely 11811 Westheimer.


@Chic_Chick_Eats I didn't do a follow up to the Ramen in Common post. By total coincidence, Carl and I spoke to the owner of Ramen Jin on the same day. I just had other articles I was working on and didn't get mine up as quickly as Carl did. 


@e_sandler  You're right, it wasn't a follow-up. I read the posting in the Ramen in Common group and am aware of you both being there around the same time to do an interview. So to correct myself, as noted in the post you wrote on Culturemap about Ramen Jin, Rosa's was published first.

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