I Went for a Sugarbaby's Cupcake, I Got a Whoopie Pie Instead

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My daughter had her vaccination last week after turning four years old. Even a kid that likes to play doctor for hours on end and owns her own pair of miniature scrubs doesn't like shots, though. So there was the usual screaming and looks of reproach that you would expect. I did the only thing I know how...I offered to bribe her.

The bribe in question was a cupcake from Sugarbaby's on Shepherd. I was always quite taken with the little store. Their desserts are always top-notch and the staff are much nicer than the ofttimes downright rude folks at Dessert Gallery. The girl-child accepted her protection from diseases as long as I would treat her to a red velvet cupcake, and I agreed.

Unfortunately, when we got there, I found that Sugarbaby's had closed, and Maine-Ly Sandwiches had opened in its place. My wife sent me in to ask if they knew what had happened to Sugarbaby's. Alas, they have gone to the big catering gig in the sky.

"How about a whoopie pie?" asked the counterman at the new store. "We make the only real whoopee pies in Houston!"

"Let me go negotiate with the child," I replied.

I went outside where my wife and daughter were waiting. What in the name of God and all things Hee Haw was a whoopie pie? Sounded like a Yankee thing to me, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

"Sugarbaby's is out of business, Sugar Baby," I said. "They don't have cupcakes. How about a whoopie pie?"


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Whoopie pies are always a huge hit with my kids :)

erichenao topcommenter

When I went they had chocolate and blueberry along with original . clearly flavors are a rotating variety. These are clearly awesomesauce.


Do me a favor and disregard my previous comment as I'm an idiot.


Who gives a crap about Whoopie Pies when there are LOBSTER ROLLS. What?? I have been looking all over Houston for years. Maine-ly pops up, and now there's this place? This is HUGE lol.

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