Chef Hugo Ortega Happy to be Back in the Kitchen and (Sort Of) Back on the Bike

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Photo by Rafael Espinal
Ortega's brother-in-law snapped this photo shortly after the accident.
At the beginning of July, Chef Hugo Ortega of Hugo's and Backstreet Cafe was injured in a bicycle accident. He was out of the kitchen for about ten days while he recovered, and he tells us that the accident helped him re-evaluate his priorities and change his exercise routine.

"I love my bike," Ortega says, "But when you ride faster, the margin of error is very limited. I had a bad day that day, but things are much better now."

Ortega broke two ribs in the accident, but the primary injury was to his clavicle, which required eight pins at the time of the injury. He now has a six-inch metal plate in his clavicle. He chuckled when asked how long the plate will have to stay there and if it's a permanent addition to his body.

"Hmm, that's good question," Ortega says. "I'm concerned about that. I have an appointment in six weeks, so at that time I'll ask the doctor about it."

Not to worry, though. A newly bionic Ortega is already back at work planning his next restaurant, Caracol, which will open in the new BBVA Compass Plaza complex sometime in the fall. Ortega isn't quite ready to talk about it yet, but he did give us some insight into getting back to work after an injury that required major surgery.

"It was quite difficult," Ortega explains, "because just like any job, you depend so much on your hands. For cooking, it's essential that you have your arms and hands free to do whatever you love to do. But I learned a couple of tricks to use my right arm more and my right hand more."

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glad he's back---he's one of our best!


Great that Hugo is back in the saddle at his restaurant; but riding a stationary bike....? WTF? 

The problem is not riding a bike; it's riding the WRONG bike and pretending to be a racer and going really fast on Houston streets that aren't meant for hard, skinny tires and featherweight frames. Get a sensible bike, lose the spandex and clip-ins, stop dressing like a space alien, and just go back to enjoying what you did as a kid: riding! ....You didn't need a costume then, you don't need one now. 



There with you brother! Everyone who is "serious" about biking thinks he must squeeze himself/herself into a tight, brightly colored, ridiculous outfit....why? To be more aerodynamic and possibly shave 6 seconds off a leisurely ride. So you see these technicolor sausages pedaling around on super-light bikes, not so secretly harboring a 20 lb beer belly and wondering how they can get even lighter equipment and go even faster. 

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