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Photo from Three Brothers Bakery

If the upcoming high holy days have you craving challah, you're not alone. And while you're getting your braided bread fix, why not look beyond the simple (but spectacular) loaf and embrace dishes that incorporate challah in other ways? Here's a short tour of H-town challah.

Perhaps the most popular purveyor of challah (round as well as linear) is Three Brothers Bakery, whose dedication to producing hundreds of loaves for Rosh Hashanah has been well-chronicled. Challah can also be found at Stone Miller Bakers, which offers the bread topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or sugar crystals as well as just plain. And for lovely sandwich-size challah rolls, look to Slow Dough Bread Company.

Photo courtesy of Paula Murphy.
Challah French Toast at Kenny & Ziggy's
Craving more than just the bread? Go to Eatsie Boys Cafe for an "eggman sammie" (bacon and/or chicken sausage, fried egg, cheddar cheese on a challah roll) or a "what the falafel" sandwich (fried chickpea patties, israeli salad, tzatziki sauce on challah wheat bun). Btw, for the record, they were not the first people to recognize the challah/holla homonym. I copied that off of some other bloke on the interwebs, thank you very much.

Another especially comforting challah sandwich is grilled cheese on challah offered by Kenny and Ziggy's (everyone should add tomato, goyim may care to go for the bacon). K&Z's is also one of a number of Houston restaurants that offers ova-tastic french toast made with challah bread. (Warning: Their version features plugra butter, so your eyes may roll back in your head after one bite.) Canopy has also won rave reviews for its challah french toast, which comes with bacon and two eggs over easy.

Finally, to satisfy your sweet tooth with challah, track down the Golden Grill food truck and order their drippy, delicious s'more sandwich with nutella, marshmallow, and graham cracker bits on (you guessed it) challah.

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Stone Mill Bakers & Deli

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Three Brothers Bakery

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Eatsie Boys

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Kenny & Ziggy's Delicatessen Restaurant

2327 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX

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3939 Montrose, Houston, TX

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The Golden Grill

, Houston, TX

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Raisin challah at New York Bagel on Hillcroft.

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