Amazon Grill Debuts a Fun, Family-Friendly Menu

Photos by Mai Pham
The new Mixed Grill at Amazon Grill, delicious and bountiful, for $16.95
The chicken tinga fries came to the table on a sizzling hot plate, their appearance, at first glance, resembling a plate of sizzling chicken fajitas. On closer inspection, however, they looked more like the Canadian comfort food poutine -- french fries with gravy and cheese curds. Only this one came with a Southwestern twist.

"It comes with queso instead of gravy, spicy chipotle chicken tinga, and poblano white queso" said chef David Cordúa, Cordúa Restaurants' corporate executive chef. He and Steve Morice, the chef who will be opening the Churrascos Gateway in Memorial City, recently introduced a fun, family-friendly menu at the casual, counter-service concept Amazon Grill.

The Chicken Tinga Fries...a Southwestern take on poutine

"We wanted to expand the menu and introduce some Cordúa favorites as well," Cordúa said as he explained items such as the new "guacumami," a twist on the traditional guacamole, made with roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, Parmesan and toasted pepitas.

The result is an affordable, family-friendly menu of South American dishes, including old favorites and what are sure to be new ones. Fans of Américas and Churrascos will be happy to see the section of "Cordúa Signature Entrées," which includes the popular Lomo Latino, a chimichurri grilled steak with spicy black bean sauce and pico de gallo, for $14.95.

Guacumami comes with fried plantains.

An impressively decked Mixed Grill is definitely a promising new item. You get a generous portion of sliced chimichurri grilled steak and chicken, achiote-grilled shrimp and chorizo, served with a side of tortillas, black beans and sweet plantains. Enough for two, the Mixed Grill is a value at $16.95.

For hamburger fans, there's a new section of burgers and sandwiches, with five meat-burger choices, a vegetarian quinoa falafel burger, a chicken sandwich and a few cubanos, essentially pressed panini sandwiches with cheese and a choice of filling, including the Cubana de Puerco, which comes with Coca-Cola braised pork, country ham, provolone, smoked mustard and pickle. All of the selections are priced at or below $10.

Fish taco platter

Taco fans will also be pleased to see the many taco plate offerings, but it's the kid in all of us that will enjoy the desserts. In addition to a cotton candy machine, Amazon Grill offers Mexican paletas (popsicles) in a variety of flavors, including horchata and tamarindo; a funnel cake served with chocolate; and the famous tres leches, served in a mason jar, all the milky creaminess trapped in the bottom so you can scoop up every last drop.

Cocktails are strong, and come in mason jars

Also on offer are fantastic cocktails, such as the Paloma and the Mojito, served in mason jars. In celebration of the group's 25th anniversary, Cordúa restaurants is offering an $88-for-two dinner special at Américas and Churrascos. Also available are 88 cent mojitos in all Cordúa Restaurants during lunchtime only at Américas and Churrascos during September. The famous tres leches is also only 88 cents this month at Américas and Churrascos, though, sadly, not at Amazon Grill. No matter -- the promise of paletas and funnel cake with chocolate is reason enough for me to venture back, and soon.

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Please either retract this article or re-publish a correction. The public deserves to know. 


I am really upset at the journalism in this piece, specifically false advertising. 

I went to Amazon Grill tonight. I asked about the 88 cent mojitos for the month of September. Guess what? It was actually for the month of June. 

I can't believe that you published wrong information when you just ate there to do a review. Is this a ploy to get people to go there on false pretenses? Get your facts straight, please.

Just letting all the readers know: NO 88 CENT MOJITOS THIS MONTH. 


@cheapdate On behalf of Cordua Restaurants, I wanted to apologize for the confusion. We would love to have you back and give us another chance. Please reach out to our Marketing Director-

Mai Pham
Mai Pham topcommenter

Dear @cheapdate, I am sorry for the confusion and apologize for what was a genuine misunderstanding. I simply misunderstood the information that was provided to me verbally. 

I have corrected the information to reflect the fact that this 88 cent mojito offer is *only* available at Americas an Churrascos, during lunch, for the month of September. 

You are correct that there are no 88 cent mojitos this month at Amazon Grill, and that the Cordua group ran a special promo across all Cordua restaurants for the month of July. 

For the month of September, however, they are only offering the promo at Americas and Churrascos. This was my mistake, and I apologize again for the confusion. 

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