5 More Awesome Things to Eat at Buc-ee's

Photo by Vivian Nguyen
A few weeks ago, I wrote about my ritual of stopping by mega-convenience store Buc-ee's on my way to visit family in the Hill Country. Because I visit my folks pretty regularly, I stop at Buc-ee's a lot. It's not really a road trip unless I do.

I listed the top 5 things to eat at Buc-ee's, including Beaver Nuggets, fudge and, of course, beef jerky. I thought it was a pretty good representation of the greatest things Buc-ee's has to offer.

But once the article was posted, comments started pouring in.

"I can't believe you didn't include the potato salad!"

"What, no roasted cashews?"

"This isn't even a list without the banana pudding!"

I hear you, folks. There's just too much awesome stuff at Buc-ee's to include it all. But in the spirit of thoroughness, I returned to Buc-ee's and tried out some of your suggestions. Here's the best of the rest.

5. Kolaches

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
Buc-ee's bakery makes at least a dozen different kids of kolaches, both sweet and savory. The jalapeño cheese ones are pretty dynamite (see below for some jalapeño cheese love), but I've got a soft spot for the pecan pie. Buc-ee's claims that their kolaches are some of the biggest around, and though I've seen bigger, they're pretty delish. Part of what makes the sweet kolaches so good are the buttery crumbs sprinkled around the edges that make them almost strudel or coffee cake-like. The savory ones are plump and round and filled with sausage, ham or bacon. Grab one (or five) of those and a cup of coffee, and you've got yourself the breakfast of champions!

4. Roasted Nuts

Photo by Kaitlin Steinberg
Buc-ee's roasts nuts in house, so not only does the nut/fudge look amazing, it smells amazing too. There are roasted peanuts (not such a novelty) and roasted almonds (definitely delicious), but the roasted cashews are the star nuts in Buc-ee's repertoire. Though oft overlooked, cashews are one of my personal favorite nuts, and I think many people would agree that they deserve at least as much credit for being awesome as peanuts. Buc-ee's treats cashews right, roasting them slowly until they're bursting with that warm, buttery cashew flavor. If you're feeling more like something sweet, Buc-ee's also makes honey roasted cashews covered in sugar and honey. Not quite as fresh tasting as the ones roasted in house and left under a heat lamp for warmth, but still a fine tribute to the cashew nut.

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Jake Rawls
Jake Rawls

Do not forsake their burritos. Very simple bean/cheese fare, but it beats the shit out of Taco Bell.

Robin Kirby
Robin Kirby

they have awesome Bar b Que sandwiches :)


I went to the Buc-ee's in the Hill Country recently.  I swear when you walk in the front, it's hard to see all the way to the end.  It's a linear food festival that made me smile.  Got some cheese spiked jalapeno sausage.  


+1 for Hruska's.  It has better kolaches, klobasnikys, jerky, dried sausage, and without having to park a quarter-mile from the front door.  

Weikel's in La Grange also is a great spot.  I love their sandwiches, and I like their kolaches just about as much as Hruska's.  La Grange Smokehouse also has excellent jerky and dried sausage.

When heading to Dallas, I'll take Woody's over Buc-ee's, every time.

I have nothing personal against Buc-ee's.  I've stopped at them many times, and they are fine places.  I've never understood the hype and hysteria behind it.  It's good, but it's not THAT good.  At the same time, I fear them becoming the Wal-mart of Texas roadways.

If you really want to report on Texas traveling, try hitting spots that don't have enormous signs and parking lots.

Buc'ee's does beat Love's by a country mile, though.

erichenao topcommenter

While I don't stop at Buc-ee's for personal reasons, if you are going to the hill country, and you take TX 71, you NEED to stop at Hruska's for all your kolaches and klobasnikys…

Hruska's Store & Bakery
109 Texas 71
Ellinger, TX 78938


Going early gets you the best selection…


Next time grap the cream cheese with candied jalapeno spread, pretty tasty!

paval topcommenter

Eating Queso or Loco Cheese Dip by the spoonful. Seriously KS? Its going to be a field day for your heart doctor if you go to often to the Hill Country. 

Hopefully you drink plenty of liquor when at your folks to de-clog arteries.

The Jalapeno Bread however is new to me. I had never noticed it. That actually sounds like it can work on some applications I am thinking about. Bread Pudding for instance with some raisins and plums. Croutons, canapees, etc. 


@DCPIV I have always parked right in front of the door at any Buc-ee's.  With the super fast service, the flow is constant and there always seems to be spots in the row in front of the door.


@DCPIV You will still be standing in line at Hruska's while Bucees customers are already in their vehicles driving away.

texmex01 topcommenter

@erichenao and don't forget to grab one of their monster sized sandwiches!!!

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