Indulging My Honey Tooth at Niko Niko's

Warning: Honey explosion imminent...
Niko Niko's may be known for itsgyros and kebobs, but they've got another specialty up their sleeve: sweets. I mean, have you ever seen the dessert case? Usually I'm in too much a falafel coma to partake, so I've taken to heading to Niko Niko's solely for dessert and coffee.

On my last visit, we ordered two lattes and a half order of loukoumades ($2.95), or deep fried honey balls. If you're going to indulge your sweet tooth, this is the way to go. Or maybe it's more like your honey tooth. Either way.

First: the coffee. I actually haven't had a bad cup there yet (did you know there are a few that they actually blend the desserts into...baklava frappe anyone?), but my favorite is the Hera's Honey Nut Latte ($3.46), with vanilla, honey, and butter pecan. It's incredibly rich and sweet with a slightly nutty aroma, and while not ideal for a hot August night, it's so good I don't give a damn. For those of you that do, no worries - it's also available iced.

But the real heroes here have to be the loukoumades. If you get a chance, peek behind the counter to watch them being made. The restaurant's custom fritter contraption is something else. Dessert and a show.

By the time the loukoumades come out of the fryer, you'll be salivating. Ever have fried zeppole? Imagine those... ...soaked in a lemon honey syrup with a hint of cinnamon. And listen; when I say soaked, I mean soaked. Take caution when biting into them, a lesson my fiance's inner cheek learned the hard way. But, even his cheek can agree, they were oh so worth it.

The little balls are surprising light for being deep fried and coated in syrup and powdered sugar. Pop one, dip another in coffee, and enjoy the rest of the night in sweet honey bliss.

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Niko Niko's

2520 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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These pastries might be the best thing Niko Niko's has going for it at the moment... they are delicious! 

Tasting these makes me pine for a real Greek restaurant in Houston; Niko's does cliched Greek food, much like you'd find if you ate 'Mexican' food in Berlin. It's not bad, but it is expensive and not very interesting if you've tasted the great stuff in (the many regions of!) Greece. If someone had the wisdom and expertise to do a Greek restaurant that sampled some wonderful regional dishes, like Tony's or Marco Wiles does with Italian, it would be my next go-to choice immediately.


@bonitaB3 ...with you all the way: real Greek food is amazing! wish we had places here like in Chicago and NYC. Niko's is more a glorified sandwich stand

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