It's National Cupcake Day: Ten Cupcake Bakeries That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Fluff Bake Bar puts their twist on the cupcake by making the cup|cake.

3. Fluff Bake Bar

While the classic cupcake is all well and good, Fluff Bake Bar thinks it's time for something different; welcome, the cup|cake. Rather than a thick portion of cake topped with frosting, Fluff Bake Bar has stuffed layers of cake and frosting into a cupcake-sized plastic cup, inviting you to shove your spoon or fork down to the bottom to scoop out all of the delightfully sweet and moist layers. These cup|cakes are uberly sweet, and trust me, you probably want to split one with someone (no shame if you don't). For a twist on a classic, try Fluff's Red Velvet cup|cake; it's a cross between red velvet and black forest. Super sweet cream cheese frosting, cherry jam and chocolate pearls are nestled between layers of moist and luscious red velvet cake. The Birthday Cake is also a delightful, yet very sweet, treat; you can't go wrong with funfetti cake, vanilla buttercream frosting and cake crumbs dispersed throughout the frosting. Head on over to Revival Market, Inversion Coffee House, Southside Espresso, Max's Wine Dive or Eatsie Boys for one of Fluff Bake Bar's cup|cakes.

2. Sprinkles Cupcakes

The simplicity in the design and recipe for these cupcakes makes the cupcakes at Sprinkles Cupcakes some of the best around town. Sprinkles doesn't need to go crazy on the decorations, or go over the top with crazy ingredients and flavors in the cake and frosting; I love how each cupcake is so simple, yet so delicious. Whether you're in the mood for something chocolaty and sweet, like the Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Peanut Butter Chocolate, or want something a little lighter like the Lemon, Orange or Banana, Sprinkles has got the hook up. The frosting is creamy and sweet, the cake is moist and luscious and the combination of the two is everything you're looking for in a cupcake. You can't go wrong with a classic. Oh and the little wooden spoon that comes with each cupcake may prolong the time you spend eating the cupcake, but who wants a sweet treat to end, anyway?

You can't go wrong with a CRAVE cupcake.

1. CRAVE Cupcakes

To celebrate National Cupcake Day, what better place to visit than the Houston-based cupcake bakery that has won over our hearts and taste buds? While many times too much frosting can be overly sweet and a turn-off for customers, the frosting on these large cupcakes is super addicting. Whether you want a cleanly frosted cupcake, or one coated in sprinkles, CRAVE has you covered. I love the simple chocolate with vanilla frosting; it satisfies every sweet craving of mine. CRAVE now offers gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free cupcakes, so there really is something for everyone.

Location Info

Three Brothers Bakery

4036 S. Braeswood Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: General

Ooh La La Bakery

23920 Westheimer Parkway, Katy, TX

Category: General

What's Up, Cupcake?

632 W. 20th St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Petite Sweets

2700 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

BRC Gastropub

519 Shepherd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Revival Market

550 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


1953 Montrose, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Southside Espresso

904 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Category: General

Max's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Eatsie Boys

4100 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: General

Sprinkles Cupcakes

4014 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Crave Cupcakes

1151 Uptown Park Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Cindy Gonzales
Cindy Gonzales

I'm going to have to agree with Sara. Houston does exist outside of the loop.

Sara Meyn Holder
Sara Meyn Holder

again, you have left out any places outside the loop (minus one little place on the westside)... Houston is more than just inside the 610 loop... Houston spreads out up 290 and 249, both sides of I-10, down and up 59, both sides of I-45. There are two places in the Clear Lake area (Nassau Bay, which is technically Houston) that have cupcakes I would choose over Crave any day... Please remember, we do eat out here in the suburbs... We may not be able to see Downtown from our front door, but we are still part of the great city of Houston. And most of us are not able to drive in town every day for meals and treats... Please research places all over the city limits...

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