It's National Cupcake Day: Ten Cupcake Bakeries That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Celebrity Cupcakes are always glamorous.

7. Celebrity Cupcakes

I love the elegance and fanciness about Celebrity Cupcakes' treats. The glamorously decorated cupcakes definitely feel fit for a cupcake store on Rodeo Drive with the frosting covered in sparkles and the cute, charming decorations on top of many cupcakes. You can definitely tell that the buttercream frosting is made with real butter, too - an added bonus for someone looking for an outstanding cupcake. Indulge in the Classic Vanilla cupcake or Southern Red Velvet in honor of National Cupcake Day; these are two of the best cupcakes that Celebrity Cupcakes offers and they are both offered every day. Fleur De Sel, Key Lime and Hummingbird are also great choices.

6. Ooh La La Bakery

Joanna O'Leary recently shared her views about Ooh La La's newest cupcake, the S'mores cupcake, and if that's not enough to send you straight to the bakery for an uberly sweet and over-the-top (but not in a bad way) cupcake, then maybe a few of these cupcakes will: Velvet Elvis, Pretty in Pink and Boston Cream Pie. Each of the cupcakes sold at Ooh La La can be jumbo or mini, so if you're in the mood to share a cupcake (or not), opt for the Turtle cupcake sold on Monday - it's a chocolate cake filled with ooey-gooey caramel and topped with a chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate AND caramel sauces, chocolate chips and pecans. Yeah, that's a cupcake worthy of celebrating National Cupcake Day.

The strawberry and caramel cupcakes at What's Up, Cupcake? are awesome.

5. What's Up, Cupcake?

What's Up, Cupcake? has a variety of classic and intriguing flavors that make up its everyday cupcake lineup, but trust me when I say that the Salted Caramel cupcake will rock your world. Not only is the caramel buttercream frosting studded with tiny drops of caramel sauce and a sprinkling of salt, the caramel cake itself has a luscious salted caramel filling; quite the unexpected, delicious surprise. You're going to enjoy the cake upon the first few bites, but once you reach the center, you're going to fall in love. For something a little less extravagant, the Strawberry, Vanilla Bean and Wedding Cake are perfect options for a classic cupcake.

4. Petite Sweets

Sometimes you need just a little bite of something sweet to satisfy that sugary craving. Petite Sweets is your answer. While Petite Sweets may offer small cupcakes, that doesn't mean they don't go for big flavor, like the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcake, Salty Caramel or Black Bottom Red Velvet. But, do yourself a favor and splurge a little on cupcake's national holiday by getting the Bacon Jam Pancake cupcake. BRC Gastropub provides the bacon jam for this outstanding sweet and salty combination; bacon jam inside of a cupcake is definitely what the doctor ordered.

Location Info

Three Brothers Bakery

4036 S. Braeswood Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: General

Ooh La La Bakery

23920 Westheimer Parkway, Katy, TX

Category: General

What's Up, Cupcake?

632 W. 20th St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Petite Sweets

2700 W. Alabama St., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

BRC Gastropub

519 Shepherd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Revival Market

550 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


1953 Montrose, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Southside Espresso

904 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Category: General

Max's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Eatsie Boys

4100 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: General

Sprinkles Cupcakes

4014 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Crave Cupcakes

1151 Uptown Park Blvd., Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Cindy Gonzales
Cindy Gonzales

I'm going to have to agree with Sara. Houston does exist outside of the loop.

Sara Meyn Holder
Sara Meyn Holder

again, you have left out any places outside the loop (minus one little place on the westside)... Houston is more than just inside the 610 loop... Houston spreads out up 290 and 249, both sides of I-10, down and up 59, both sides of I-45. There are two places in the Clear Lake area (Nassau Bay, which is technically Houston) that have cupcakes I would choose over Crave any day... Please remember, we do eat out here in the suburbs... We may not be able to see Downtown from our front door, but we are still part of the great city of Houston. And most of us are not able to drive in town every day for meals and treats... Please research places all over the city limits...

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