Happy 177th Birthday, Houston: Ride the Light-Rail for Free All Weekend; Here's Where To Eat

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Ride the METRO lines this weekend for FREE!
Houston turns 177 years old on Saturday, and METRO is celebrating by offering free rides on every light-rail and local bus starting Saturday and lasting through Labor Day on Monday. With the longer weekend more and more families are going to be out and about, so we are here to help you make the most of your free trips by telling you which restaurants to eat at on the light-rail. You don't have to worry about parking or having to go through the hassle of valet; spend a relaxing weekend downtown - it's Labor Day weekend after all.

Last year, Katharine Shilcutt put together a guide to dining on the light-rail, but here is an updated list of restaurants you can frequent this weekend. And we go a little further south than last year's guide.

Unfortunately, the meals aren't free, but be thankful for saving gas in your car and the $1.25 per ticket on each light-rail trip! We've organized it by stops on the light-rail for your convenience.


Spaghetti Warehouse, 901 Commerce St.


Barnaby's Cafe, 801 Congress St., Ste 175
Batanga, 908 Congress
Line & Lariat, 220 Main St.
Nit Noi Cafe, 301 Main St.
Goro & Gun, 306 Main St.
Mia Bella Trattoria, 320 Main St.
Georgia's Market, 420 Main St.
Cafe Express, 650 Main St.
Niko Niko's 301 Milam St.
Hubcap Grill, 1111 Prairie
*17, 1117 Prairie
Bistro Lancaster, 701 Texas
Sambuca, 909 Texas
Chipotle, 909 Texas
Kobecue, 1001 Texas, Ste. 100
Irma's Southwest Grill, 1314 Texas
Vic & Anthony's, 1510 Texas St.
Seattle's Best Coffee, 202 Travis St., Ste 100
Macondo Latin Bistro, 208 Travis St.
Hearsay Gastro Lounge, 218 Travis St.
Market Square Bar & Grill, 311 Travis St.
Treebeard's, 315 Travis St.
Frank's Pizza, 417 Travis St.
Gigi's Cupcakes, 600 Travis St.
Maggie Rita's Mexican Grill, 600 Travis St., Level B1
Otto's Barbecue and Hamburgers, 600 Travis St.

Main St. Square

Phoenicia Specialty Foods, 1001 Austin St.
Kolache Shoppe, 1001 Fannin St., Tunnel
McCormick & Schmick's, 1201 Fannin St.
Quattro, 1300 Lamar St.
The Grove, 1611 Lamar St.
Ziggy's Bar & Grill, 702 Main St.
The Capitol at St. Germain, 705 Main St.
Flying Saucer, 705 Main St.
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, 820 Main St.
Bombay Pizza Co., 914 Main St.
Gelato Blu, 914 Main St.
Prince's Hamburgers, 930 Main St., Ste T240D
Corner Bakery Cafe, 1000 Main St.
Eats Mesquite Grill, 804 Milam St.
Salata, 919 Milam St., Tunnel
III Forks, 1201 San Jacinto St.
Andalucia Tapas and Taverna, 1201 San Jacinto St.
Guadalajara Del Centro, 1201 San Jacinto St.
Mia Bella, 1201 San Jacinto St.
The Blue Fish, 550 Texas
Beck's Prime, 910 Travis St., Tunnel
Original Smoothie Company, 910 Travis St.
Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, 1000 Main St., Tunnel

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Not to mention that some of the restaurants listed in the article also participate in the Houston Restaurant Week benefiting the Houston Food Bank which will end on Monday 9/2! http://www.houstonrestaurantweeks.com


Not all of these restaurants will be open. Many Downtown places are closed on Sunday & will be closed on Labor Day.  Call first--especially before trekking a few blocks from the train line.  

But you'll find some good stuff if you're willing to explore!


Article says free weekend starts today, but according to Metro's site it doesn't start until tomorrow.


@rich5371 The article has been corrected!


@molly_dunn @rich5371 Cool, I would hate to see anyone ticketed if they didn't pay due to the article.  I live on the light rail line and know that they do check and ticket people, contrary to popular belief if you ride on a regular basis and don't pay the fare you will eventually get caught.  Have a great weekend Molly! 

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