Ten Bands We Wish Had Their Own Beer

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Image from Steve Jurvetson
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Hoppy
McFerrin actually wrote a song called "Give Me Some Beer," which never achieved commercial success like his hit "Don't Worry Be Happy." Well, Bobby, I'll give you the name of your beer, but the rest is up to you and an enterprising brewery. Because "Don't Worry Be Happy" is completely a cappella, I feel like the beer should be simple and wholesome as well. Smooth, deep amber, hints of caramel, and, of course, enough hops to keep McFerrin coming back for more.

Image from Mika
Eminem - The Real Slim Shandy
WHY IS THIS BEER NOT A REALITY?!?!! Eminem, buddy, your career is just not what it used to be. Why not switch gears and become a brewmaster? Screw cheap, watery beer or top-of-the-line champagne. I move that all rappers should now sip on a nice shandy while composing lyrics about, you know, bitches and hos and stuff. What the world really needs are more raps about warm summer breezes and barbecues.

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H Newcomb
H Newcomb

The obvious one is Z Z Top's Waiting on the Buzz. I'll think on it some more.


I don't think Paul McCartney wrote Live and Let Die in 1983 as your story says.  

KaitlinS topcommenter

@NewsDog Oh goodness, you're right. It was '73. Fixing it now! Thanks!

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